Monday, 10 March 2008

8000 Visitors - Amazing!

I haven't quite kept up with my counter lately, and just the other day I happened to notice it was closing in on 8000 visitors - and now we've passed that!
Thank you very much to all readers! :)

I had a very demanding day today, with lectures in both Hebrew and New Testament, as well as some "challenges" to face up to, so I was quite nervous this morning. As a result of that, I've suffered a pretty bad head ache all day today, but despite that, everything has worked out really well!!! And I am SO greatful for that!

I didn't leave home as early as I had planned, since it was a rather tough morning, so I wasn't at Uni until 8.45 this morning, but at least I managed to get some studying done!
Hebrew lectures first, at 10, and I really didn't want to read today because I hadn't done very well on any sentence! And to my relief, I didn't have to!!! Guess I never made it to "five-times-in-a-row", right?! *lol*
But I did managed to answer a question in class during the second half ... it's nothing big, really, it's very de-dramatized and a very relaxed situation, the group is great, and not many students seem to show up now - but despite that, I get a huge kick every time I manage to answer a question like that! :)

Afterwards I managed to buy some quick lunch before it was time for New Testament ... in a new place, at a completely different Uni Department! This was really the time for my 'challenge', but I managed to pull it off, and I think it worked out fairly well! For some reason, even the group as a whole felt different and better - as a person with Social Phobia you tend to get hypersensetive and hyperaware of group dynamics, and I have not felt comfortable in the NT group (it's the same one I took the Old Testament with too), but today it felt a lot better, for some reason!! During the break we have I always feel rather awkward, I haven't really found anyone I can relax together with, even though I am on "speaking-terms" with several students, but I was really tired and most of the others had headed outside, so I decided to follow! When I arrived it sort of came naturally to join a group of 5-6 students, I don't say much (hardly anything), but at least I'm not standing by myself some distance away, right?! After a while our teacher came, and started talking to us, and that usually makes me even more nervous than just being around other students, but somehow I could become even more active when he arrived! Cool! He will be teaching the next course I'm going to take to, Biblical Interpretation, so I guess it's good if I can start feeling a bit more relaxed around him!

The headache has been with me though, so I just barely managed to prepare the Hebrew sentences for tomorrow (and they didn't quite work out either!), but I haven't even started on the New Testament stuff yet ... so I'm feeling kind of stressed out over that! SO much that has to be done in a VERY short time ...
I hope I can keep away from headaches most of the time the next week and a half, because I really need to be 110% efficient the entire time!

But now I'm going to try to get some sleep, to get rid of the headache and to be able to get up at 4.30 tomorrow morning! *yawn*

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