Monday, 1 October 2007

Blogs, Blogs And More Blogs!

Once again I felt compelled to go through my blogs, and there has been a few changes, so I figured I'd better list them here! :)

One blog has been completely deleted, my James Bond-blog. I didn't have neither the time nor the energy for it, and I don't want to constantly feel bad for not updating it, so I decided to delete it instaed. The posts I had will appear on my Swedish "entertainment" blog in the future.
Also, my Great Lyrics! blog has been somewhat "transformed" ... I have decided to make it generally in Swedish, even though some lyrics/quotes/poems will be in English, so it is now called ♥ Tänkvärt ♥ and the URL is new as well.
And finally, I have decided to create a new blog, about Stargate SG-1.

Here's the complete list! *lol*

Blogs in English:
Blogs in Swedish:
I hope you will enjoy my blogs! :)

My Life At The Moment!
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Currently listening to: Beggars at the Feast - Les Misérables 1993
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The Darkest Night said...

Now that's a LOT of blogs! :) Totally impressed that you can keep that many... I never seem to find the time to update mine *oops* and I just have 4 (Yahoo, Bebo, Teddycop & Les Miz).... yeah, I'm hopeless!

anyway, great job on the blogs!

Jessica said...

*lol* Yeah, it's been quite a few! Feeling quite bad about the Les Miz one though, because I never seem to update it ... *ooops* And I can stay on top of the other ones mostly because I've more or less completely abandoned all my websites ....

The Darkest Night said...

so THAT's how you do it LOL Ignore the websites to focus on the blogs :) should have known there was a plan behind it :) just kiddin'.. (not that I ever seem to get around to updating MY websites either... So little time, so much to do...

Jessica said...

*lol* Yup, there's definately a plan behind it all! :)Seriously though, I really SHOULD be a lot more focused with pretty much everything in my life right now ... feeling behind on everything!

The Darkest Night said...

i know the feeling...i never get ANYTHING done...*sigh*

think I need a