Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Very Frustrating!

I had some advanced plans for today, unfortunately, nothing went according to plan at all.
I tend to sleep rather poorly now, I have done for quite some time, and I find it difficult to function without sleep.
Yeah well - newsflash - Zorro singlehandedly decided there would be no sleep at all tonight! When I had tossed and turned for about 1½ hours last night and was actually about to fall asleep, he decided to jump up and do his best to tear down my big mirror ... not good! The fact is, that mirror is hanging on the wall by a thread, it was quite an ordeal to get it up (my Dad helped me) and it cannot withstand much ... so I lept out of bed at about 12.45 a.m. trying to stop Zorro from getting the entire mirror down ... I succeeded in saving the mirror, but I didn't fall asleep before some time around 2.30 - thanks a lot! By then I already had to dispose of some of my plans for today - as that wouldn't work out with less than four hours sleep ... but at 6 I was awoken again ... this time Zorro did his best to tear my coats and jackets in the hallway into little shreds ... so I had to chase him down .... after that I managed to fall asleep again (and he did as well) and was horrified to see that I woke up at 9.45 .... *GAAAHH*
I felt like a zombie, and needless to say, not much has been done today, that's for sure.

I managed one little outing, but that's pretty much it ...well, a little studying, but I wish it could have been more ...
I do have plans for tomorrow as well - but now I've gotten scared to even plan, because it certainly doesn't seem like I can carry out my plans these days, that's for sure.
Make no mistake, I love Zorro more than anything ... but sometimes I get soooooooo frustrated ... that is allowed .... isn't it .... ?

Keep your fingers crossed I'll be able to get some sleep tonight, will you?

My Life At The Moment!
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Currently listening to: The Bridge of Khazad Dum (Lord of the Rings)
My Plans for tomorrow: Studies, meeting with my mentor, shopping


The Darkest Night said...

Cool stargate pic! :)

Jessica said...

Glad you like it! :D