Thursday, 18 October 2007

On The Verge Of Insanity!

I actually feel like I'm going insane soon - woke up with an even worse headache today, and it has faithfully stayed with me throughout the day! *deep sigh*
I know I often get headaches and migraines, and I can live with that, but when they are this persistent, I start loosing it!! Not only does everything in my life go to Hell because I can't do anything at all, I'm going crazy since I'm always in pain, constantly, except for the few hours every night when I can sleep!
I've tried everything I can think of to get rid of it and absolutely nothing works!
I don't really know where it's coming from either. Best guess would be it's stress related of course, that I've been feeling apathic and low for a long time and not getting anything done, and now I'm freaking out because nothing has gotten done ... and so: headache ...
But you'd think it would disappear some time ... I've had it for five or six days straight now, and I don't know for how much longer I can cope!

I went for a walk this evening, I really like walking along the ocean and I've been trying to get down there to catch a lovely sunset, but aparently the days are getting very much shorter now, because I'm always a little late. This walk turned out to be quite a project though ... I brought my camera, but I only managed to get three - not so great - photos before the batteries was depleted! *sigh*
I didn't feel like going home straight away, even though it was full storm by the ocean, it did make me feel less of my headache. I thought I'd take a walk along the seaside for a little while, and then take a bus home. I did start to walk, but it turned into a longer walk than I had anticipated, because there were no trails leading up to the road where the bus goes! I walked for about half an hour (in storm!) by the seaside, before I got up onto the street ... only to see the taillights of the bus who just passed me! I wasn't that tired, so I thought I'd continue walking for a while, I was in a neighborhood I hadn't been before and I always enjoy walking in new places.
I continued walking for about 15-20 minutes before realizing that the road I was on had twisted and turned a lot, and I was a fair way from home ... so I finally decided on taking a bus the rest of the way!

I have been feeling a little bit better tonight, but that has been a pattern for the last few days - that I feel better at night, go to sleep and wake up with a headache ... *sigh*
Guess all I can do is hope for a change ... some day ...

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