Sunday, 28 October 2007

Studies, Websites And A Spooky City ...

... and quite a wakeup-call!

This morning was not the best one, I got quite a scare, actually! I had only just gotten up when I heard Zorro make a noise as if he was about to throw up. He does it occasionally, it's not that weird for a cat and he's quite furry, so I didn't think much about it. What I noticed was that not much came up but I just figured he hadn't eaten in a while so he had an empty stomach.
But he didn't stop!! Usually he vomits once, maybe twice but not more than that, and this time he wouldn't stop! After the first three times, I noticed that he only got up what looked like white foam ... and by then I was totally freaked out!!
Sunday morning isn't the best time either, and I've never seen a vet here with him, I always do his annual check-ups and vaccinations when I'm visiting my families - so I started frantically looking through to phonebook to try and find a vet, as well as the phonenumber for a cab, as I have no car on my own.
After - oh, it's hard to judge time when you're so scared! - maybe 10 minutes (of constant vomiting), he stopped ... I hardly dared to look at him, but he seemed to be doing okay, he came to me, wanted to cuddle etc. I tried to calm down, and it really seemed like he was doing much better. After a while, he rested on the couch and I started cleaning away after him ... when I discovered what looked like a half-eaten leaf ... so I'm guessing he ate something off the floor or from a flower in the window, and it was "poisonous" enough to cause this heavy vomiting!
Anyway, he's been doing fine the rest of the day, even though he has slept a lot more than he usually does ... and I have been very relieved all day!!

This incident did in fact constitute a wake-up call for me though! I've been feeling down and sad and low pretty much all autumn, I have felt apathic and passive and not gotten anything done - and I think this really openend my eyes! I still don't know why I sometimes get in this horrible moods that I do, but today I realized that there are so many things that can go sooooo wrong - and that my apathy is really petty and nothing that should be allowed to take control over my life the way it has done! It doesn't neccessary has to be Zorro - even though I know we are starting to live on borrowed time - it might be that something happens to my parents, or to me for that matter.
Today has worked out better than the last days, I think mostly because of this 'new look' of things. So since Zorro is okay after all, I think this incident might have done me some good after all! :)

I've spent today studying and also working a bit on my websites! I have so many of them, and now I'm starting new blogs all the time, I really need to go through what I have, what I can get rid of, and just generally, what I want to do with them all! Naturally some things needed fixing, and I haven't worked in FrontPage for so long, I made mistakes all the time ... needless to say, this 'website project' won't be finished in a hurry!

I also took a walk down town this afternoon, mostly to get some exercise but also to do some complementary shopping ... and boy, was it scary! Okay, it was Sunday afternoon (about 3 p.m.) but the town was completely dead!! You'd see the ocasional car or a dog-owner walking their dog, but otherwise the entire town was empty and completely silent ... way spooky! I felt like I was in a Stephen King movie or something ... guess I'm really in the mood for Halloween after this! *lol*

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The Darkest Night said...

glad to hear Zorrro is ok

Jessica said...

Yeah, me too!! Quite a scare ... *shivers* Since he's so old now, you never know what will happen - some day he will really fall ill, and then there's probably nothing to do ... So now - especially after this incident - I'm really greatful for every day I get with him! :)

The Darkest Night said...

yeah I can understand that. I guess it's what life is all about...enjoying the time you get with the "people" you care about.

Jessica said...

Exactly! Sometimes we tend to take a bit too much for granted, I think, and we often need something 'bad' (or potential bad) to happen before we realize we need to cherish the time and moments we can get!!