Tuesday, 30 October 2007

A General Change (?) ... And No Sunset!

As you can see from the picture - this is what my life is all about these days. And I have a strong feeling it will remain exactly like that for quite some time ...
But I still feel like things have started to change for me now, and it's definately a change for the better!! Ever since the 'incident' with Zorro (see blog entry from Sunday 28 October), I have seen things in a different perspective, I think, and all my passiveness and apathy has actually ... disappeared!
I can't say that I am 100% efficient, but efficiancy takes time to get used to, and I think I'm getting there now! I'm doing more in a day now than I did in a week before, and it feels okay! I don't feel so resigned at all, there's a will in me to actually get things done! I've made pretty much a huge, great mess of Uni this semester so far, and I can't guarantee I can work it out in the end, but I am at least motivated to try now, which I haven't been before!!
I'm so happy and relieved nothing was wrong with Zorro, and since it wasn't, in retrospect I think the incident was all for the better, because my life has certainly starting to turn around ever since it happened!!

I'm still trying to catch a lovely sunset with my camera - but I never ever succeed!! The times I've managed to get down to the ocean before, I've always been just to late - today I really made an effort to get going on time!! And I did!! Only to find that once I came down to the ocean, the entire Western sky was covered by a huge cloud ... *sigh* Therefore, the pictures aren't great - but I at least thought I'd share them with you! :)

Take care, guys!

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The Darkest Night said...

wow! looks like you're busy!! You do get points for the water bottle :)

Cool photos!! I especailly liked the first and last photos...


Jessica said...

*lol* Yup, never go anywhere without the water bottle! :)
Glad you like the photos - I'm still hoping to get THE actual sunset sometimes - without clouds, or the fact that the sun has already set ...Guess I'll have to keep trying ...:)

Hope to see you on YIM some day soon! :)

The Darkest Night said...

good luck!! :)

well..my computer actually (on its own) deleted YIM...*sigh*
Will be moving tonight though, so I don't know when I'll be back online...still need to get a computer... will miss you!!

Jessica said...

Aw SIS ... I'm gonna miss you too ... I really hope you'll find a computer soon, and that everything goes well with your move!!
Will be thinking about you!!!!

The Darkest Night said...

thank sis! Will miss you too!
I hope I get my new computer soooon!! (I was hoping they would call today... i guess there's still time)

and you will HAVE TO come for a visit soon! Was ages since I last saw you!

Jessica said...

*fingers crossed that you'll get your computer soon* I miss 'talking' to you!! Yeah, I REALLY hope I can arrange a visit ... as usual the problem is what to do with Zorro ... but we'll have to come up with something! :)

The Darkest Night said...

thanks sis! I hope so too!! i'm going insane without a computer!!

I understand..I hope something can be arranged, would be great if you could come for a visit!

Jessica said...

I totally understand you miss having a computer - I know I REALLY would too!!!
Yeah, I REALLY hope we can work something out somehow!!! *fingers crossed*

The Darkest Night said...

yes it's sooo annoying! I'm getting so far behind on everything too...*sigh*

*fingers crossed here too* :)

Jessica said...

Yeah, I really hope you'll get your computer SOON!!! I know what it's like, during Christmas holidays and summer vacation I'm without computer for weeks and weeks ... horrible!!!