Sunday, 21 October 2007

Very Confused!

I felt I should write something here now, since I missed blogging last night ... I'm feeling completely exhausted though, so I'm not sure if I'm going to make much sense!
The headache is getting better, I felt less pain yesterday and has almost felt none today. For some reason I have been totally tired all day, so I haven't been quite as efficient as I had hoped. I have managed to clean most of my appartment, even though I really should have done more than that.

A bit tough not to understand why I'm so tired though! I really hope I won't catch a cold now because I don't have time to be sick anymore now!!

I'm also totally frustrated over Tradera! I have sold quite a lot of things during the years, but this time it's been worse than ever, soooo many people that are not paying, claims they have paid when they haven't, totally refuses to reply to emails .... I'm practically loosing my mind over this. Actually it takes quite a lot of work to get these auctions to function well, with proper descriptions, photos, taking the time to write and upload the auctions, checking for shipping costs, cheapest way of shipping when buyers have bought more than one auction etc etc ... I know I can't always get the 'easy' buyers, but right now I think I'm waiting for payment from six or seven different buyers - and there's just one problem after another ....
I'm a bit "against" leaving negative feedback too, because it's so common with "revenge-feedback" - that is, if I'm upset with a buyer who won't reply to emails or send payment, and leave a negative feedback for them, they will automatically do that for me as well, despite the fact that I haven't done anything to warrant it ...
I have a lot of stuff I want to sell on Tradera, and some things that I know I will probably get some money for, but right now, I'm so sick of it!!!!!

Sorry about not beeing in a better mood! I'm still having kind of a hard time "coming back" after this headache-thing, and combined with other factors - such as Tradera, the fact that I'm always tired, that it seems Zorro has gone completely insane for the last few days - makes me feel rather low right now!
I'm gonna try to get a good night's sleep now, and hope I'll feel better tomorrow!

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The Darkest Night said...

Hey sis!
Really sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with Tradera!! I hope they will all get their act together and PAY! (gee, what's wrong with people?! If you bid on something don't you realize you have to pay in order to get it?) anyway, good luck!

and I'm glad to hear your headache is getting better! *hugs*

Jessica said...

Yeah, I totally hope so too! I really want to keep selling stuff there, but not if it takes this much trouble! I don't get it either, I mean, if you bid on something, don't you WANT IT?!? And if you want it, you ought to be able to figure out that you need to pay first!
Ah well, guess all I can do is hope for better buyers in the future! :)

The Darkest Night said...

yeah, it's just not logical! *idiots*

Jessica said...

You've got THAT right!! *sigh*