Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Photo Time!

I thought I'd make one entry with some new photos of various kind! :) I figured it'd be simpler that way! Most of the photos are from the weekend I spent with my families, but some of them - mostly cat-pics! - are from around Christmas time! I hope you enjoy the photos!

First out are some lovely photos of Zorro! It's pretty hard to capture him, as I usually only get an ear or a paw or something ... but I think he looks absolutely wonderful in these pictures!

In all fairness, I also feel I want to include some pictures of my Mum's cat, Smulan! (Oh, and I really do hope you're not offended by me sharing these pics, Mum ... let me know and I'll remove them if you like ...). Is she a cutie or what?!? :)

Moving on to the pictures I took this weekend. Unfortunately, I had very little time with my two sisters, and at times things were rather crazy, so I hadn't the oportunity to take that many photos. Pretty much all of them are taken at the same time, but at least it's better than nothing, right?! :)

First up a picture of me and my older little sister ... :) And then two pics of her! She's growing up SO fast now!!

Then a few pictures of the newborn! Two includes me - as I'm sure you'll notice! *lol* Isn't she absolutely beautiful?!!!??

Hope you enjoyed the pics! :)

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The Darkest Night said...

Wonderful photos! Your sisters are SO adorable! :) Both of them! :) And you look like a very proud big sister! :)

Your mom's cat looks a bit like the cat my grandparents used to have... well, they've ALWAYS had cats, but this one they had since from maybe 1980 until 1996, so it became very special to them..they didn't want a new one after that.

Jessica said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos! :)
I really AM a very proud big sister! :D

Wow, they had the same cat for 16 years!! I can certainly understand they didn't want a new one, they must have gotten really attached to the cat!!

The Darkest Night said...

you have every reason to be proud! They are adorable! :)

Yeah, 16 is a really long time....oh I was wrong by the way - they had it until 1997, so that's another year..(they had it put to sleep in the summer of 97 just before we came for a visit, and my mom felt a bit guilty that our visit might be the reason (since that was the first year Gordon was with us there (we got him in 1996, so that was why I got the years mixed up...but we got him after we had been there in 1996)).. but their cat was getting very old, and had several health problems..so they felt it was the right time..

yes, they did get very attached to it. They have always had cats (they had a farm when my mom was little), but they say this cat was special.. I was always terrified of it though *lol* (I stopped liking cats when I was about 3 years old), but it really was a very nice cat..never scratched anyone..except my cousin (3 years younger than me), but my grandma thinks it was her own fault since she refused to admit the cat had scratched her..*lol* (she adores animals though).
Anyway, they refuse to get a new cat after that one..although they really should because this winter they are having a HUGE problem with rats...*yuck* but as they are both having health problems they don't really want to...

Jessica said...

Aw, thanks sis! :)

Wow, that is a long time to have one cat! I can understand it must have been hard for them when they had to put it to sleep ...
I still can't quite get used to the fact that you're not liking cats though! *lol* Guess it's cause I just LOVE them so much ... but then again, we're all different, right?! :)

The Darkest Night said...

Yeah..sorry sis... I totally loved cats when I was little though... then I got scared by one when I was maybe 3...(I mean REALLY scared) and I just always had problem with them after that...I think I get along with them better now than when I was younger though? *lol* You would NOT have been able to get me to go into a room if there was a cat in it...

Jessica said...

I guess I CAN understand you, being scared like that, and at such a sensitive age, certainly affects you, no doubt about that!
Seems like you've come quite far anyway, as you've actually been living with Zorro every now and again (ehhh, ooops, that just might have come out the wrong way *lol* ...ah well, you know what I mean anyway!! *lol*)!! :)
And I don't think he's done anything terribly horrible yet ... apart from racing around the apartment like a lunatic on occasion! :)