Thursday, 25 January 2007

Quickly Realizing ...

... that I won't have any spare time whatsoever during this semester!
Okay, that might not be completely true, but almost anyway ... Things are really getting very intense right now, and it looks like it will stay that way throughout the semester! I really enjoy learning Hebrew, it's very very exciting, but it is certainly demanding enough, that's for sure! We found out today, that instead of having an exam after approximately every five weeks, which is pretty "normal", we're gonna have one every TEN weeks!!! Gaaaah!! Talk about massive exam!!! *yikes* I'm getting nervous already, and the big exam isn't until the 29th of March! (We have one "test" or whatever you want to call it before, on the 19th of February)

But things are progressing, I can already read words and "sentences" in Hebrew! Totally cool!
Cool Unfortunately, I can't really share my knowledge in Hebrew in daily talks since we're completely learning the Bible-Hebrew and almost nothing of the modern-day Hebrew! But it's still amazingly cool, that's for sure!
I met someone the other day, who took this course a while back, and he said it got better and better, since that in learning the language you also learn a lot about the people that wrote and spoke it, the culture and the times they lived in, and that of course makes it even more interesting and exciting!

I know I tend to focus my blog entries more or less completely on my Uni lectures now, I'm sorry about that, but since the course is so intense it really takes up a lot of my time and I think about it a lot! I even heard from a fellow student today, that her boyfriend had woken up during the night because she was talking about Hebrew letters in her sleep! Smile
Guess we're all getting completely brain-washed on this course!

Take care, guys!

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The Darkest Night said...

Hebrew sounds so cool! I'm totally jealous! I love studying languages! I'm a bit excited to be studying a bit of German now..but it sounds so boring compared to Hebrew! *LOL*

Good luck with it!

Jessica said...

Hebrew IS totally cool! :D But rather difficult actually! It takes a lot of getting used to the alphabet, the fact that they don't have vowels (yup, it's complicated) and the fact that they write and read from right to left ... and on top of that you have to learn words and grammar and whatnot! But it's really exciting too!
Sounds cool that you'll be studying German! I actually took German for like 6 years ...and I can hardly introduce myself in German! *ooops* Me and German don't really get along! *lol*

The Darkest Night said...

Does sound cool..and very complicated! *lol*
Wow...SIX years...that's a lot! Gee..makes me wonder if I'll learn ANYTHING in studying it for just a bunch of weeks...*oops* But better than nothing I suppose...I never really cared for German (or Germany), but I more and more see the need to be able to speak at least a little German...

Jessica said...

It certainly is complicated, that's for sure! You keep thinking and thinking and thinking just to pronounce a word ... it's almost like I can see smoke coming out of my ears! *lol*

Weeelll, don't listen to much about me and German! I did fairly well in grades 7-9, but got the most horrible teacher ever in grades 10-12, so I kind of actively forgot everything I ever learned ... more or less anyway ... So I'm sure you'll do great, and even if you don't study it for a very long time now - if you have the basics you can always pick it up later! :)

The Darkest Night said...

*lol* well, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it..sooner or later :)

Thanks..I just hope I get the books and stuff I need soon...I'm using the "wrong" book at the moment...and also it's rather impossible to just learn a language from a book..I need to at least hear it once to know how it should be pronounced...DUH!! I just hope I can get started for real soon... at the moment it all feels like a waste of time...

Jessica said...

I know how you feel - I've missed a couple of lectures now and it's certainly difficult enough trying to pick up a language - with pronounciation and grammar and whatnot - all on your own!
I hope your books will arrive soon! *fingers crossed*