Tuesday, 23 January 2007

General Update!

I thought it was time for a more general update as well now.

Where to start ... well, I've started taking Hebrew at Uni, which is AMAZING!! It's fantastic to learn a completely different lanugage, although I have to admit it is rather difficult. Since the basis of the language is so nothing whatsoever like our language, it takes some getting used to. I haven't really studied the way I should have recently, with my trip and all, but we have no lectures tomorrow, so I'm hoping to catch up then.
I actually feel that Uni works out fairly well now! This course is completely different to the ones I took last semester, there will be no group projects, no seminars, no presentations .... just good ol' studying and written exams! And I think for me that is very good! I need the other stuff as well, and I'm happy about coping the way I did last semester, but it's good to get a break from all that now.
I know a few of the students in my group now, but even though I'm not socially very active, I still don't feel the accute isolation and alienation I felt at the beginning of last semester. I do have a few people I say hello to in the mornings, and I have someone to talk to during the breaks, and for now, I think that's enough for me.
I also met a girl last semester, whom I got along great with! She's taking other courses this semester, but I met her the other day and I really hope we can stay in touch even though we're not taking the same course anymore.

Overall I'm in quite a good mood actually! Things haven't exactly been easy for me since this semester started, the weekend was very intense and there have been some challenges to face up to, but up until now I have faced every one of them, I haven't backed out once!! *proud now* I can't say that that will last forever, but I do feel very happy about having coped the way I have! I did miss one thing .... a relative phoned me on Sunday night, I had just come home, everything was a mess with Zorro, I was totally nervous about Uni - and I just couldn't pick up the phone! I usually have a very hard time using the phone (part of my Social Phobia thing), so I really wish I could have taken that call!! I tried to make up for it tonight, by working hard at gathering strength to call my aunt back! I did call her - only to find out that my telephone didn't work! (I have had some problems with it every now and again) Soooo annoying, it had to refuse to work now! *sigh* Still, I don't think I can be blamed for the phone not working! I guess I should have kept trying throughout the evening, but that amount of strength just wasn't in me! And at least I tried to call her back, which I have actually never managed to do before! Points for effort, right?! :)

I don't think I have that much more to write about, most of my life centers around Uni right now, as I guess you've figured out by now! :) It's mixed feelings there as well, of course. I have to say that most of it is good, and I don't think I have ever felt as confident regarding Uni as I do now ... but there are also some downs with Uni. Even though the social thing works out, it's not as good as I would like it to be! Also, I had some bad news which in part concerns Uni regarding this semester, and sometimes I have a hard time accepting that and letting it go .... Guess I'll have to keep trying though!
I do have my essay to work on as well, since I couldn't finish it now. I don't want to leave it too long, but I feel I should at least get started properly with the Hebrew course first. I really hope I can make a go of the essay, so I can complete it during the semester and be done with it! *fingers crossed*

Well, even though it's not very late, I'm completely exhuasted, so I think I'm gonna try to get to bed early tonight! I need all the strength I can get tomorrow, so I can catch up with my Hebrew studies!
Good night!

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