Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Hebrew All Around!

I guess the title speaks for itself! :-)
I think I should have studied a bit more today, but for some reason, I've been very tired all day (*fingers crossed I'm not getting sick, because I have absolutely NO time for that!), but I think I'm pretty familiar with the 22 consonants of the Hebrew alphabet now - both the Hebrew signs and the transcribed version (how the Hebrew sign is written with our letters) - and I think I know most of the vowels as well! *yay me*
There are however a lot of rules regarding this and that, pronounciations and whatnot, so I have a feeling I'm probably gonna get lost in the Hebrew world from now on.
I have a feeling I will be completely multilingual in the future though, pretty much all my free time will probably be spent with Hebrew texts, words and grammar - but I guess I will still try to speak Swedish ... AND write my blog in English! *yikes* :-)

Still, even though it gets kind of boring and tiresome trying to stuff your head with information all the time, I do think it's very exciting, and when I think of what it might lead to, wow! Imagine the fact that in a while I will be able to read texts from the Old Testament in the way they were originally written, 4000 years ago! That is just SOOOO COOL!!! :-D
I guess I'll have to keep thinking about that when it gets a bit hard, right?! :)

I don't have much plans for the future either, this semester will be very intense and on top of all the Hebrew I will need to finish my essay too, so it's definately gonna be full-time-studies from now on! Still, I just think it's amazing that I've gotten this far, that I am actually studying full-time now, like everybody else, trying to think about what courses to take, moving through one course after another ... I hardly thought that was possible a few years ago, and here I am now! *a little proud now* So if I look at things that way, I can definately cope with having to study a great deal this semester, that's for sure!

Take care guys - who knows, soon I might even be able to write something here in Hebrew (even though it'll have to be the transcribed version - I do not have the Hebrew alphabet installed on my computer *lol*)! :-)

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