Monday, 29 January 2007

Good Or Bad :-: Bad Or Good ??

He sees you when you're sleeping
He sees when you're awake
He knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness' sake

("Santa Claus Is Coming To Town")
ChimneyWell, I doubt wether even Santa could figure out if I've been good or bad now ... Things are complicated to say the least ....
I didn't go to lecture today either! *sigh* I'm really very confused about this myself, because the reasons for going are naturally obvious! But since I have had a more or less AWFUL weekend, I feel a strong need to have a day when things really work out, before tackling something difficult again. Right or wrong - I skipped today's lecture.

I have been in a much better mood today, absolutely, and regarding this ... what shall I call it ... "personal, mental and psychological come-back" (if anybody has the slightest idea what I'm talking about!!), this day was a true success! I do feel a lot better, and I don't have the accute antipathy against Uni as I have had all weekend.
Regarding the more practical matters, it was not such a great decision! I'm trying to study - now on my own since I've missed two lectures - and it really is very difficult!!
It's exciting, absolutely, and I'm not at all sorry I chose these courses, but they certainly are very difficult!
The language in itself is very complicated and it get worse by the fact that you don't have anything to rely on! You don't have letters or an alphabet, or phonetics or anything, you have to start at the very beginning! Things are moving along very quickly too, and throwing in grammar into sentences which you can barely pronounce - or understand - is very hard!

I'm definately not giving up, but I need to find a routine in my life, with quite a lot of disciplined studies, and I find it very difficult indeed to find this routine ... Guess all I can do is keep trying, right?!

Moving on to the good news then! Smile I finally made up my mind ... and I bought the James Bond DVD box!!! *feeling happy although slightly guilty* It's a great deal of money, but I figured this is a real collector's item, and I have been a Bond-fan for over 20 years now!! :) I'm gonna have to work really hard on my "figure-out-a-daily-routine"-thing from now on though, so that I can get an acceptable balance between Hebrew and James Bond.
Hey, actually that sounds like a pretty cool combination!

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The Darkest Night said...

Cool that you ordered the Bond box! It looks amazing!! :)

Good luck with your studies!
I think Bond & Hebrew sounds like a fun combination! ;)

Jessica said...

Yeah, I can't wait to see the box for real! I really can't graps that fact that I actually ordered it, since I've been constantly debating with myself wether I should or shouldn't for a very long time now.

Yeah,Bond and Hebrew might not be so bad - I just have to find the proper combination! :D

Jexxie said...

fusk på bondboxen....

Jessica said...

*lol* Har inte fått den än ... men längtar verklgen! :D