Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Strange Days!

I think these days feel rather strange, because I am back home, but I'm not home for good ... I'll still be making another journey up north, so I can't completely relax and get on with my life, I always have to "plan" it, so that it works with the trip. Therefore I'm not really sure what I'm doing or how I'm feeling ... and it's getting really confusing now!

I know I really should just get on with my life, and do whatever it is I usually do, but since I still have this trip hanging over me, I just seem to get nothing done! *very frustrating* It's also been a few strange weeks now, with my little sister arriving in the world, and everything surrounding that - which wasn't completely problem-free - and the whole mess with my essay, and another report that I had to finish ... and a whole lot of other stuff.
I also have had to start checking up on next semester, since it's starting on FRIDAY! *starting to panic now* I know it's gonna be very difficult courses this semester, I'll be taking Hebrew - and at the same time study the Old Testament! *yikes* I'm really very interested in it, but I also know it's very difficult and very demanding. Also, I found out some really bad news regarding Uni, which makes it a bit hard for me to start dealing with the fact that I'll be spending five days a week there for the next five months or so ....

Enough complaining though! I hope I can start becoming a bit more disciplined and get as much as possible done before I leave on Friday! I know I'll only be gone three days, but on Monday this semester will start "for real", and I'd really like to be prepared for that as much as I can!

Take care!

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