Sunday, 28 January 2007

A Complete Waste!

Today has felt completely worthless! I have been feeling really low and depressed and haven't gotten anything at all done!! I haven't even studied, which really isn't a good thing, since this course is so demanding!! I just really really HATE days like these, because they are totally destructive! I don't do anything and I feel bad about not doing anything which leads to me not doing anythig! *terrific* Rolling Eyes

I know I have a really heavy week in front of me, and I had sort of hoped that today would be some kind of mental preparation for the week to come! Not really ... *sigh* It turned out that I now feel worse prepared than ever, after having a day such as this!

There are tons of things I should get started on, not only studies but other stuff as well, but nothing whatsoever is happening! Studies naturally comes first and if I can't even get started with that, nothing else gets done either!
Oh Jeez

I'm not sure how I will cope with tomorrow - or if I will cope with tomorrow! Part of me knows that I have to go full-steam ahead starting tomorrow, and the other part of me knows just how horrible I feel ... I hate these situations!!
Hmm 2 I'm also thinking very hard about getting the James Bond DVD box! I just can't seem to make up my mind ... I mean, I really, really want it, but it's an awful amount of money!! I did have the oportunity to a large discount, but naturally - just as I had decided to buy it, the discount wasn't valid anymore! So now it's even more expensive!! I mean, I know I can get the money, I have some saved money and I got some for Christmas and for my birthday, but the question is wether I want to save the money to buy something else, that I want even more than the Bond box! I hate trying to sort through my priorities like this, I always seem to mess it up.

Well, as I suspect you've gathered by now, I'm NOT in a good mood! I guess I should just stop writing here, before everybody gets annoyed at me for sounding so depressing!

Take care guys, let us all hope for a better tomorrow!

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