Thursday, 11 January 2007

A New Little Sister!!


Yes, I had a phonecall this morning, letting me know that I have now gotten another little sister, born almost exactly (almost to the hour!!) two years and six months after my other sister! :-)

Everything went well, and she seems to be a very healthy little girl - I could hear her screams and gurgles through the phone! :-) :-)

I'm very happy about this of course, and felt like I had to make a quick entry here right away!

I'll probably be back with a longer entry tonight!

Take care,

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Jexxie said...

Guud vad ROLIGT! Grattis är ju knappast rätt ord, men jag säger det ändå :). Visste inte att du skullefå ett syskon till, fick reda på det genom ett inlägg nyligen bara. Vad heter förresten din "första" syster? Ha de bra

Jessica said...

Hey! Ja, det känns jättekul!! :) :)
Det har inte varit så "öppet" att de skulle ha barn, så det är därför det inte har blivit så "annonserat" här heller ...

Jag har fått tillstånd av mina systrars föräldrar att prata om dem, lägga upp bilder osv på nätet på villkor att jag gör det så svårt som möjligt att kunna identifiera dem, så därför skriver jag aldrig ut namn. Förhoppningsvis kanske vi kan ses nåt snart, i så fall kan du få se kort, och också veta mer om namn och så! :)
Vi får höras av! :D

Sandra said...

You are so lucky! =) Congatulations! Thank you so much for letting us know! Have they decided on a name yet?

The Darkest Night said...

Congratulations!! :) Way cool that you got another little sister!!

I'm really happy to hear all went well!


Jessica said...

Thanks, yeah it feels great! :) I'm really happy everything went well! I don't think they've decided on a name yet though ... my Dad in particular is rather slow with that - my little sister had to wait one month until she got her name, and I ... well, I had my baptism when I was 8½ months!! *yikes*

The Darkest Night:
Thanks! :D Yeah, I'm really happy for them! I can't wait to visit the newest member of the family! :)

The Darkest Night said...

I can totally understand that! :) I guess it will be a while before you can go there for a visit though? :( what a shame!

I'm also curious about what name she'll get... be sure to let me know when you know, ok? :)

at least it sounds like you're dad is getting faster at deciding *lol*

Jessica said...

Well, actually, I'm planning a visit rather soon ...:) I took my Mum's car down here, so I thought I'd return it next weekend, and combine that with a quick visit. Unfortunately, the Uni schedules aren't great, so it's definately gonna have to be a QUICK visit ... but at least that's better than nothing, right?! ;)

And yes, I think my Dad's improving! *lol* It might have something to do with me constantly pushing him though! :) I did have the "perfect" name if it had been a boy this time ... but now I have to keep thinking (but then again, they may not take my advice either *lol* I just tend to get overly involved in just about everything! :)

Sandra said...

What was the perfect name you had in mind in case it was a boy? =) Just curious! It is so hard to come up with perfect names I am sure - I have thought about it some times, eventhough I'm not having a baby myself yet for some years ;)

Jessica said...

I know, it's really hard to pick names ... although I think it's very entertaining thinking about it! The name I had in mind was Marcus, I think it's lovely, and it would have been great along with the name of my little sister (sorry I can't write what she's called ... but I did make a promise to her parents about trying not to share to much information about her ... )!

The Darkest Night said...

That's wonderful! I hope you'll have a great time there!! :) (Need I say "take photos"? *lol*)

Yes, it does sounds like he's getting faster *lol* Maybe you can influence him a bit during your visit :)

Marcus is a really nice name!! :) Too bad you didn't get a little brother this time - it would have been perfect for him! But I'm sure you'll come up with a nice name for a girl too..and then you "only" have to convince your dad and his girlfriend ... *lol*

Jessica said...

Well, no - you didn't need to say "take photos" ... trust me, I WILL!!! :D :D

I'm definately hoping to push the parents into deciding on a name SOON ... I do have a couple of ideas, and I know that my Dad has at least ONE name in mind, which is a good start ... I guess his girlfriend will have to agree as well though! *lol* I'll keep you updated! :)

The Darkest Night said...

Goodie! :)

Good luck with that! :) Thanks! Looking forward to hearing what name was decided :) and of course seeing pictures of your new sister! :)

Jessica said...

No worries! I'll post some pictures here as soon as I get back ... and as far as the name's concerned - I'll let you know! :)

The Darkest Night said...

Great! Thanks!!