Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Personal Issues!

I'm not having the best day today, unfortunately!
My entire life feels like complete chaos and everything is just a huge mess! I managed to push everything away during the holidays, which was nice then, but it means I have all of it left now ... I'm really trying hard to try to figure things out, but I'm not having that much luck I'm afraid!
I have a lot of things I really need to get done, and soon, but all I do is run around in circles without getting much of anything done! :(

I had reached some kind of decisions today, and felt a little better about that, but tonight something else hit me like an explosion in my face, and now I'm totally down again ... To anybody else, it's probably just some silly little detail, but since I'm not feeling the best, and it will - in some obscure way - have consequences for me, I really took it badly ...

I had hoped to write some kind of personal summary of the year 2006 here in the blog, but with the mood I'm in now, I'd better wait! I hope to get it done soon though!
Sorry for the depressing entry, I just can't bring myself to see things very positive at the moment ...

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