Sunday, 14 January 2007

Why Such Bad Mood?

I've been in a bad mood for quite a long time now, and I don't really know why. Sure there are some reasons here and there for me not being overly joyful, but it still doesn't feel like I should be this down ...
I've tried to feel better by doing things - fun things to get me in a good mood (doesn't work!), boring things to feel good about doing boring things as well (doesn't work!), I've tried not doing anything at all (doesn't work!). *SIGH*

I guess I can't do much more than that, so now it's just hoping that things will change soon. A lot of things feel rather vague at the moment too, stuff at Uni, with my family, with the trip I'm gonna take next weekend etc. and I think I'll feel better when I know I'm down here for good, when the next course has started and I know that's what I'm gonna have to focus all my energies on ... Guess now all I can do is wait and hope for the best!

I have sort of started a new internet project to! :) So far, I'm really enjoying it, but I'm missing some things in order for it to be ready for the public eye, so I'm gonna have keep you waiting for now! I really hope I can keep up my interest in this, because I think it would be fun project if it works out! *fingers crossed*

Take care!

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Jexxie said...

Är jätte nyfiken på ditt projekt!!!

Jessica said...

*ler* Kul att höra! Vill dock inte offentliggöra det förrän jag har fått mer färdigt - och det kan nog komma att dröja ett tag ... har dåliga erfarenheter med projekt som jag har dragit igång för tidigt - de tenderar att floppa HELT ... så du får nog ha tålamod ett tag till! :D