Thursday, 18 January 2007

Starting To Panic!

Oh God, what a day!! I haven't gotten much done at all - and I should have done a lot!!
And tonight it hit me: In less than 12 hours I'm starting a new semester at Uni!!! *PANIC!!* I have really put off even thinking about this semester, and these last few days I've been busy planning my trip to visit my families ... and I just now realized that at 8 a.m. tomorrow I'm gonna be at Uni, on a new course, with new students .... *gulp*
I'm really in for some heavy writing in my diary tonight, that's for sure!!

I guess I don't have that much to write about though, the fact that I'm feeling rather upset about the entire day tomorrow - which will be rather tough - seems to be the only thing on my mind right now!
I'll have the introduction tomorrow morning, will rush home to pick up Zorro, drop him off at the Animal Hotel (I just hope I can find my way there, I haven't been there since they moved, and the directions I've gotten are rather vague!), and then make the drive up north (about 500 km) ... I've been discussing the plans for the weekend with my parents tonight, but we haven't decided anything yet.
Unfortunately this will be my last entry before I go, since I won't have any time at all tomorrow to get in front of the computer! I will be back Sunday night, so hopefully you'll get an update then. I'm also hoping to bring back lots of cute pictures to post eventually!

Take care guys, I hope you have a great weekend!

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The Darkest Night said...

Just wanted to wish you a nice trip..and a great weekend with your family!
Hope all goes well tomorrow! *hugs*

Jessica said...

Thanks sis! :)
My brain has currently left the planet, so I'm gonna try to just write a general entry tonight, and then come back tomorrow with more proper updates - and pictures! :D