Wednesday, 21 November 2007

300th Post!

Wow, 300 posts on this blog! Not bad, huh?!

Had an intense day today, lectures - intense at usual - then a quick trip to a mall where I stressed like an idiot to get everything done as soon as possible, so I could take the early bus home and not have to wait for another hour. Still didn't get home until six though! *yawn*

My issues at Uni are getting complicated. One sort of solved itself today, but in doing so, it created a few other issues (yes, I know it's very confusing - I'm trying to live through it!!) - so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be happy about that or not!
The other big issue might get solved tomorrow - but unfortunately that's all up to me, and I'm not sure if I can cope, so that's certainly something that occupies my mind at the moment!

Right now I don't really feel comfortable in discussing these issues further, but hang in there - one of these days I just might feel the need to spill my guts and let you in on the whole thing *lol*!

Now I'm going to try to prepare myself for tomorrow and then head off to bed. I'm constantly exahusted these days and I have sooooo much to do that I'm also constantly stressing - which makes me even more exhausted!! Way to go, right?! :)

My Life At The Moment!
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My Plans for tomorrow: 'project', studying at the library, lectures, more studying and oh, did I mention... studies?!?!?


Anonymous said...

Guess who´s calling

Good luck with your "issues"

The big scrap

Jessica said...

Hey "big scrap" *lol*!!
Thanks - I'm gonna need all the luck I can get in order to sort everything out!
It was good talking to you tonight!