Monday, 26 November 2007

Organizing Like Crazy!!

I'm currently feeling very confused ... I seem to have so much stuff going on now, that I feel like I'm going to mess everything up! I write lists and lists and more lists to try to remember everything that I have to do, and when I have to them and how I'm going to prioritize ... it's still a bit early to tell if it'll succeed or not - but I'm certainly feeling confused enough, that's for sure!!

Today I've been studying, attending lectures at Uni and trying to run a bunch of errands - naturally nothing really worked out, so I ended up doing some things that I hadn't planned for today, but instead didn't get some things done that I really should have done tonight! Oh, did I mention how confusing everything is?!?!?

I do think I have found a pretty good way of dealing with the whole mess though! I'm not sure I can stick with it when Christmas is coming (me NOT like Christmas), or when exams and seminars and papers and other horrible stuff are more real - but for now it seems to work. I'm constantly trying to tell myself to "simply" (it's not that simple though!) "give it my all and hope for the best." That is simplifying things, I know, but the basic idea isn't that bad! If I can do everything I can in order to work things out; study as much as I possible can, try to work out issues or make plans or run errands or whatever - as best as I can, then I can at least in some way be satisfied with that!
I'm not sure wether things will work out just because of that, because my experience has often been the oposite actually - work yourself into a pulp and everything exploads in your face - but even if that should happen, I can at least be satisfied with the fact that I did everything in my power for things to work out!
In this lies also the idea of not assuming things in advance - wether they are good or bad! I don't know wether I will pass the two courses I have left (to take a very real and actual dilemma right now), even if I study 24/7 I might not pass - but if I don't I'm going to have to deal with that when it happens. I can't sit now, when it's weeks (almost months) left before the exams and start frantically worrying about what will happen if I don't pass. Instead I should try to use that energy to something creative - namely studies!!! Even if there will be Hell to pay if I don't pass my courses (or even one of them) - on many different levels - I'm going to have to deal with that then! For now, all I can do is give everything I have, and hopefully a bit more, in trying to actually get it to work!

Wow, a long and serious discussion, I really didn't think I had it in me after this long and tiresome day!
Finishing off with something a bit more pleasant though - three pictures from the dinner Saturday night! :) (thanks, Sara!!!)

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Anonymous said...

You are so wise!!!!!!
Try to stick to those thougts all the time, even if things don´t work out the way you wish
The tired scrap

Jessica said...

Thanks for your comment! As you might know, "you-know-who" doesn't agree with you - but I guess that's hardly surprising!!
And by the way ... couldn't you use your Swedish nickname? I get a bad feeling from the 'scrap' (makes me think of garbage you throw on the scrapheep ... SOOOO not how I want to think about you!!!)

The Darkest Night said...

nice photos! looks like you had a great time! :)

oh...I haven't watched ER in ages.... totally miss it! (WHY do they have to air it at the same time as the Flying Docs?? )

Jessica said...

Yeah, it was a lovely dinner! :) Turned out to be a very late dinner ... and somewhat filled-with-drinks-and-wine dinner (didn't do much the following day *lol*), but it was supernice!

I actually found ER by mistake ... and ooops, didn't even know FD was running! Completely out of TV-schedules right now (more focused on what Martin Luther thought about salvation and baptism and other exciting things at the moment!)!

The Darkest Night said...

that sounds really nice! :)

yeah, they started with the FD again a couple of months ago or so.... I'm still very much behind (my mom is being super nice and recording them for me), but I did see A LOT of episodes during the first days after the move *LOL* I think I'm on the episodes from January or so now... so yup, still far behind... *oops*

Jessica said...

Very cool that they're sending FD again ... I really SHOULD watch it (I'm never going to remember it though!), it's probably been almost ten years since I REALLY watched it - have a feeling I would enjoy it a lot! :) But time being a serious factor right now, I don't have time for anything except some sleep and maybe eat once in a while (thinking of planning my showers too, as it might not be so great if I forget them for toooo long! *lol*)

The Darkest Night said...

It's really fun to be watching the show again! Although apparantly they have a short break now (again) and will be back on December weird!! I don't understand Tv4...

Jessica said...

TV4 are strange, always has been and always will be, I think ... nobody ever really understands them.
But I'm glad you're enjoying the epis again! :)