Saturday, 10 November 2007

My Day In Photos (+ 5000 visistors!)!

First of all - I missed making a note of my 5000th visitor here, I believe it was on 8 November!! I'm very happy to see this many visitors and people interested in my life! :)

Today has been a very nice and very relaxing day! I guess I should have tried to get at least a few things done, but after the way things have been, I feel I was worth taking a day "off"! :) I have been taking a couple of walks with my camera today, so I thought I'd make this entry my "day in photos"! Enjoy!


The weather has really been inconsistant - we've had pretty warm now, and the roses are blooming (as you can see!). But aparently it actually did snow during the night, and the snow stayed for a while at least - the picture is taking about 1 p.m.!! Weird weather, that's for sure!

I continued down to the ocean, but since it was fairly cloudy, the sea looked rather dark and unfriendly! I really like the way the sky looks in the second picture though, it was like a rift in the clouds or something! Kinda cool!

Shadows and Light
I did some "experimenting" with shadows and light too, nothing advanced of course (as my camera is very simple!!), but it was nice catching the extreme difference between light and dark when the sun was about to appear from the clouds! It does look like it's taken late at night, but it is of course just because of the great difference in light! Also, loving the "reflections" in the water!!

My little walk ended up at the supermarket so I decided to do some shopping before I went home. I really felt I should have walked home as well, but the lazyness to control of me and I decided to take the bus home! And in retrospect, I think that was a good idea. I had hardly made it to the bus stop before a hail storm arrived!! *yikes* I've hardly ever seen it before, but since I moved to southern Sweden, I've experienced four or five of them ... it was very difficult to photograph this, but I think you should be able to at least get an idea of what it was like!

During the afternoon I spent some time in front of the computer, and when I got into the living room right before 4 p.m. the sky looked absolutely fantastic, like it was on fire!! I quickly realized this had potential and rushed down to the beach ... but I just can't grasp how very qucikly the sun sets these days! The first photo was taken on the way to the sea, and even if you can't really see it in the picture the sun had not disappeared yet ... and the second picture - where the sun has obviously disappeared somewhere west of Denmark! - was taken no more than five minutes later!! I can't believe it didn't take longer!!
But I am actually really happy with the first picture - I think it's really beautiful! :)

Well, this was 'my day in photos', I hope you enjoyed it! :)
(And comments are always appreciated! *lol*)

My Life At The Moment!
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Dakota said...

I love the photos! They're very beautiful! :)

Dakota said...

btw, what do you think of Camilla Läckberg 's Stenhuggaren?

Jessica said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like them! :)
I really like all of Camilla Läckberg's books, Stenhuggaren is one of my favourites, along with Tyskungen and Predikanten (although the others are great as well!)! I can't wait for the release of her next book! :)

Dakota said...

cool! :)
Stenhuggaren is one of my favorite Camilla Läckberg books too! :)
Too bad we have to wait until May 2008 to read her next book ...
I can't wait that long! :P

Jessica said...

Yeah, I know ... it's hard to wait that long! I was actually at a signing Camilla did here for Tyskungen - she was SOO nice and friendly (I also got a book signed for my Mum with a special dedication - totally cool!) ... I hope she decides to come here to promote Sjöjungfrun as well1 :)
But I totally agree - it will be hard to wait that long! :)

Dakota said...

Cool that you met Camilla! :-)

Jessica said...

Yeah, I was totally nervous about it (silly, I know!), but she was REALLY nice!!! Made everyone feel really at ease, talking, laughing ... :)