Sunday, 25 November 2007

A Well-Earned Rest!

Yes, I have actually had a well-earned rest - and some pretty useful 'thinking-time' - so even though I haven't been studying much, I still think I have used the time fairly wisely!

I studied like crazy last night, until it was time to get ready and go to Sara!! It was so wonderful to see her again - it was ages since we spent time together! I had head that Johanna maybe could come, and I was happy to find her working hard in the kitchen when I arrived! :)
We had a really lovely time, with delicious food - a real three-course meal! Pure luxury!! Unfortunately, Johanna had to leave after dinner as she had plans for this morning - but Sara and I sat talking until after 11!!
I had such a good time, and after the way things have been lately, I think I really needed that now!! These are people I'm so comfortable together with - for the first time since ... well, for the first time in a very long time!! I can really be myself with them, we laugh at the same jokes, we understand each other, and even though we don't have always agree on everything (duh!), there is a real mutual respect for everyone's individual - and for someone with the problems I've had, that means sooooo much!!
The bus home was rather late, so I wasn't home until about 1 a.m. - so it was a very slack morning today! I think yesterday evening set off a whole lot of thoughts as well, so even though I'm behind in my studies, I have felt obligated to take a lot of time to sort through all my thougths and emotion today!
And I think it did me some good! I was rather panicked today, about what the future will hold - but after having thought and written a lot about it today, I feel better equipped to be able to deal with it!! So maybe today wasn't a waste anyway ...

What has put a damper on my mood a bit today was that I had to go in a start a case process on Paypal agaist the stupid idiot eBay seller, that refused to give me my Stargate DVD box! The process has just begun and I don't know what will happen - but from what I could tell, I might be able to get at least some money back! I'm not sure, because the Paypal Rules & Regulations are complicated to say the least - but at least according to what I read in one place, there might be a possible refund! But I will still loose US$50 (about 320SEK) ... so I can't say that I'm totally happy! And that will only happen if Paypal should judge in my favor (and there are possible even more conditions to fulfill for me to get any money, so I can't be sure that I'll get any ....).

Ah well - I guess I'd better get back to start preparing me for tomorrow and the coming week!
I should have added some photos from last night, but naturally my camera decided to die on me! Sara took a few picturs, so I've asked her to email them, and I'll add them when I get them!

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