Friday, 2 November 2007

Getting Back On Track

Wow, some tough days now ...
Yesterday was really terrible - it started out okay, but as the day progressed, things got worse by the minute!! No matter what I did, it turned out wrong - and I did try, I did not slip back into this passiveness I have been in before, I really did try ... and for everything I did, I ended up feeling worse ... I really hate those days!
Finally, at about 4 p.m. I gave up - so after that pretty much nothing happened at all!

This "morning", I woke up at 3.30 with a splitting headache, actually the worse one in quite some time. I had serious problems just getting out of bed, but I managed to get to the sofa and start some 'treatment'. I didn't get rid of the pain, but it eased enough for me to be able to go back to sleep (on the couch) ... I fell asleep at about 6.30 and slept for two hours - only to wake up with an even worse headache!
Once again, I tried every cure I could think of, but didn't get rid of the pain until it was around 12.30!

Since then I've been trying to get back on track, I have gotten at least some studying done which is a good thing, right?! :)
I'm actually very happy and greatful because I feel that despite these 'bad' days, I haven't fallen back into the destructive mood I was in before! I'm not saying this will last forever, but I truly am very happy that I get to feel the way I do right now!
I'm not dancing on the clouds, I have quite a lot of worries - most of them regarding Uni, but others as well - but I don't feel so completely low that nothing in the world matters, and that is just great!! Even though things are tough, I at least feel that I am willing to try to deal with them - and that's certainly an improvement from how the last weeks have been!

As you see from the picture, I have made yet another failed attempt at catching the sunset! How come it's always cloudy at the beach at sunset?! No matter how nice and sunny a day has been, come sunset there are always a cloud bank in the Western Sky. Ah well, I guess I'll keep trying. Anyway, I kind of liked the colors in the picture, so I thought I'd publish it here even if it wasn't a real sunset! :)

Oh yeah - if you haven't voted in my "Want Labels?"-poll ... please do so! :)

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