Saturday, 3 November 2007

Lovely Colors!!

I can't believe it's still such wonderful colors outside - isn't it supposed to be winter now?! Not that I mind ... I took this photo when I was out today.
Not much has been going on today - I got a fair bit of laundry done this morning, as well as some studying. Unfortunately I've been suffering stomach cramps all afternoon, despite eating pills like a lunatic, and I haven't had the energy to do much at all.

I'm meeting my friend, Kajsa, tomorrow, and I'm totally looking forward to it! I haven't seen her in ages, it's at least a year - maybe more ... probably more!! We met up through a mutual interest in the Australian TV show The Flying Doctors, which we were both more or less addicted to! :) We also went to Holland twice to part-take in a sort of "fan-convention" - and - we went to Denmark and met up with one of the actors one time, when he was on a visit from Australia! (For those interested: it was Christopher Stollery who played Johnno Johnson on the show) Totally cool!
Despite the fact that we don't live far apart, Kajsa and I have sort of lost touch, so it's going to be great to see her again tomorrow!

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My Plans for tomorrow: Meeting Kajsa, STUDIES!


The Darkest Night said...

yeah i can't believe there is still no snow! *lol* Here the weather seems to be changing every day...either it's cold and sunny, or warmer and rainy....

Jessica said...

We're having more or less "summer" here - well, almost anyway ... still can get up to about 20 degrees in the sun in the middle of the day! Weird!!

The Darkest Night said... that's REALLY strange!

Here it's rather typical November weather today...cold, dark and rainy... *boring*

Jessica said...

I read in your blog you actually had SNOW - wow ... we haven't really gotten that far yet! :) Storm today, so no 20 degrees, but still very far from snowing, that's for sure!