Friday, 30 November 2007

Completely Out Of It!

Another boring entry, I fear! I'm so tired I feel completely out of it right now - so I'm not sure how I'm going to make sense of this entry!

I've been suffering fairly severe stomach cramps all day, so I've been on kind of a lot of pain killers (I think I should be greatful that nobody around me is a doctor or something like that ... think I'd be in pretty big trouble then ...). Also, I do not have the time to stay in bed, so despite all the pills, I've been studying a bit.
I find it very difficult with my studies now though, because there is SO much to do (translating about 20 pages of Hebrew text, copying notes, preparing a paper and a seminar and reading ... *counting in my head* seven different books, 2 in Swedish, the rest in English - and no matter what I do, I feel bad because I know I have so much other stuff left to do!
I have been focusing on my notes from lectures for a few days now, and I do think that is a good thing, I'm noticing day by day that I'm really learning something from it - but it's horribly time consuming! Today I studied intensily from about 10.15 a.m. to 16.30 p.m., with hardly any breaks, maybe in total 20 mintues break in all those hours - and what I achived was completing notes from two lectures! I mean, I'm pretty sure I know the stuff by now, but it still feels like I could have gotten so much else done in the mean time ... still, I can't say that doing one thing is "better" than doing something else, I need to do everything in order for this situation to work out!
*deep deep sigh*

Now I'm going off to bed at least, and tomorrow will be 'cleaning-and-putting-up-Christmas-decoration' day! Hopefully I can get some studying done as well, if I can be efficient, it shouldn't take all day to clean the apartment - although I know the Christmas-decorations-thing tend to take a lot of time! Not that I have that much stuff, but I'm supposed to arrange all the electrical stuff in a working manner, putting some stuff on timers etc - and that's usually kind of complicated!
If I have the time and the energy I might try to take some photos and publish in the blog - but I'm not making any promises! :)

Good night!

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