Sunday, 11 November 2007

Mixed Feelings!

Mixed feelings about my life right now!
I'm first and foremost sooo happy about my exam!! I still can't quite believe that I did so well! This was my first oral exam ever, and just knowing that I handled that feels good in itself, and doing it with a high grade - amazing! Also, it was really unexpected - because I was honestly trying to figure out what I was going to do if I failed ... so that feels really wonderful!
Also, today has been a good day - I set out a plan this morning and I have followed it almost to the letter!! The only thing I didn't get done was vacuum my apartment, but apart from that I feel quite happy with my day!
That's the good side of life .... moving on to the bad side!

It feels like my next course starts tomorrow, even though it's been going on for a week, but I guess that's because I had to focus so much on my exam last week! Which means I've now a bit behind on this new course ... even though I guess there's no panic, I'm still worried about it, I can't help that! Our teacher is somewhat 'strict' and it certainly doesn't feel great having fallen behind when it's only gone a week! Guess I'll have to work at catching up, right?!
Which normally wouldn't be that much of a problem ... but now I have another really difficult course (Old Testament with Hebrew)that I need to study for at the same time! I would very much like to get it done before Christmas, so I can use the holidays to proper catch up with 'Kristen Troslära' (the course that started last week), and prepare for that! Since it seems we will have an oral exam on the entire course (which is twice as 'big' as the one I had now!), I definately know I'll have to study like crazy for it!
On top all that, it appears we will have group discussions/seminars on two books this course - and we have to hand in a paper on one of them as well - so I can't just focuse on the Old Testament-course now either!
It's such a mess!!

I know it's a bit early to tell wether it will work out or not, and I know that the only thing I should do is try really hard to get a working study routine, where I get at least 8 hours of work in a day (and try to mix the two courses as best I can) for a while, and see what happens ... but it's really hard not to worry in advance when it's all so messy!
I know I can't blame anyone else for things turning out like this - but I don't want to make this about blame either, what's the point of that?! Things are the way they are now, it doesn't matter if it's somebody's fault or not!!

Ah well, I guess I should start to mentally prepare myself for a life that consists of studies, studies, studies, possibly some sleep, studies, studies, maybe eating once in a while, studies and studies! *lol*
Anyway, if I can create a working routine for myself, I'll hopefully find the time to do something else at times - I'd really like to meet my friends, keep up the work with my blogs etc ... but it will definately have to come in second now - at least until I've started to sort this mess out!

Finishing off with a little reminder about my poll (check the column to the right) about labels. I see that some of you have voted - thanks - but I also see that there are several visitors popping in here, and since it only takes a second to vote, I really hope you'll do it! :) The votes are entirely anonymous - even if you are logged into blogger - so you don't have to worry about me giving you a hard time about your vote! :)

Take care!

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