Thursday, 15 November 2007

What A Difference!

Today has been sooo much better than the last few days! Still don't have much of an explanation, but I'm definately not complaining when it is like this!
I 'overslept' a bit this morning, so I didn't get much done before it was time to head off to lectures, but the trains were on time for once, so I did have time to run some errands before lectures started. They were as straining as usual - although I found it a bit difficult to comprehend today! Usuaully our teacher is very clear and good at explaining, but I didn't quite 'get it' today - Johanna told me it had been the same yesterday ... *weird*
Ah well, when we were fininshed, I did some shopping before going home - completely exhausted.
This kind of bothers me, because I don't know why I get so tired! Going away for lectures for 2 hours (I'm away from home for about 4 hours, give and take) should not make me completely exhausted!! In the beginning after my sickleave I blamed it on not being used to being active at all, high anxiety levels etc - but I can't go the rest of my life finding excuses like that! I've been studying full time for 1½ years now - I should be able to cope!! *sigh*

I got a pleasant surprise in the mail when I got home though!!
A letter from a bookstore company (Akademibokhandeln) regarding an online competition I took part in a while back. It was about litterature awards in Sweden, and I took it mostly for fun and never thought anymore of it! It turns out that I (little me!!) was one of 10 winners of the competition - I won 250 SEK!!!!!!!!! (about US$40) I never ever win anything!!!!
So cool!
Haven't quite decided what to buy yet though! *lol*

Nothing much has happened tonight, but I really need to start working on my effort of being more constructive and effective, if I'm going to work everything out in my life .... Hopefully, I can get a bit more practical stuff done tomorrow!! *wish me luck*

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