Saturday, 17 November 2007

A Nice Visit!

I was up pretty early today, and managed to get quite a bit done in the morning - finished off some cleaning, spent time with Zorro and studied! :)

At about noon I met Kajsa at the railway station, it was great seeing her again! I really hope we don't loose touch again!
We went home for some lunch - which was a bit interrupted by Zorro wanting maximum attention! He's not that used to me having people over, so sometimes I feels the need to point out that of course he is the center of the universe! *lol*
After lunch, Kajsa and I went for a little walk, we've had really warm weather although very cloudy, so it was quite nice outside. By the seaside we saw this woman feeding the birds - we went over there and there were a lot of birds and swans, really beautiful! My camera isn't really great now, but I managed to get a few photos anyway ....

We continued our little walk, but I didn't get anymore pictures. When we got home it was time for a coffee, before Kajsa went home!

I did some shopping before I went home from the railway station, and I have managed to get a little studying done tonight as well, although I'm pretty tired!
I really need to be 100% effective tomorrow, but I really don't have anything else I have to do (except catching up on my blogs, I have soooo missed updating them lately ... but that won't take too long!), so I'm hoping to get quite a lot done!

Take care!

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Dakota said...

Sounds like you had a real good time!! :-)
I really like your lovely photos! :-)

Jessica said...

Yeah, it was a great visit! :)
Glad you like the photos, although I feel my camera hardly did the occasion justice (planning on getting a new, far more advanced camera fairly soon)!