Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I Am In Big Big Big Trouble!

Oh yeah, my life is a total mess at the moment!!
I'm sooooo far behind on courses I should have already finished, and yesterday we started a new course, which will be more than terrible! Okay, maybe I'm overreacting a bit - mostly because I'm completely stressed out over about a million things ... but fact of the matter is: my life will not be fun for the next ... oh, I don't know - six months?!?!
I'm currently studying 24/7 for a course - I'm having an oral exam on Friday, and I have to hand in a paper on it before that! I will not go into detail on how far behind I am, because that will probably give you all a heartattack (which would be a shame), but needless to say, I'm lucky if I get a total of 2 hours sleep before Friday!!
After that I have another course (Old Testament with Hebrew), which I more or less should have finished already, and I've hardly even started yet!! Since I managed to screw up last semester as well, I'm seriously lacking a lot of things I should know for this course, meaning it will be a LOT of work to make it done! For that, there is also an oral exam - and I'm hoping I can finish it before Christmas, but I'm not really sure!
And then there's the couse I started yesterday .... (I tried to find the English title of the course on the Department Website, but it seems impossible to find - for those of you who read Swedish it's called "Kristen Troslära" - it's basically a course in systematic theology). First and foremost, i didn't really want to take this course, I had applied for a course in Bible-studies instead, but since I had to change Education systems to this new 'Bologna-system' and everything was a mess, it turned out I had to change and take this one instead. The subject is interesting, I guess, but not something I really want to learn that much about - it seems we're going to have to work our asses off on this course and I felt like somebody dropped a ton of bricks on me when our teacher calmly states that after ten weeks of intense studies we will have separate oral exams on the entire course!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like breaking down and crying my eyes out - actually it was a miracle I didn't just run away from the classroom!!!
On top of that there are - more or less - mandatory lectures 3-4 times a day as well as a written report and two group discussions ....

So this is what I'm trying to cope with now - on top of my Old Testament Studies, and an oral exam on Friday!
I hope you understand I'm frantically trying to panic completely - or leave the country on the first flight out of here!

I was completely down yesterday, this really hit me hard, but I have managed to calm down a bit today! I know there's nothing I can do except try to study at least 10 hours every single day until mid-January - and hopefully not everything will turn out to be a disaster ...
Still, you can't be sure of anything, right!? I mean, I have my first oral exam on Friday - what happens if I don't pass it?!? I'm going to take three full time courses at the same time then?!!? Terrific!!!

Sorry, I know all I can do is work as hard as I can and hope for the best, but at this point, it is hard not to be worried SICK, that's for sure!!!

I'm hoping to be able to keep all my blogs, even if they won't be updated very often! I also hope I can reach a decision about my websites - I started trying to decide what to do with them and how a while ago, but I never really finished ... Since I'm going to be this busy (and from January to the end of March next year, I will probably also take two full-time courses at the same time - long story, I'm gonna have to tell you about that some other time), I would at least like to have come a decision about what to do with my online projects!

Well, this turned into a long entry - but at least you all know what I'm dealing with right now! :) I'm gonna go back to my studies now: The Elementary Forms of Religious Life by Emile Durkheim, if anybody's interested! *lol*

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Dakota said...

Good luck with everything!!

/ Dakota

The Darkest Night said...

sounds like you'll be VERY busy indeed! Good luck with it all! *hugs*

Jessica said...

Dakota: THANKS! I feel a bit better after today, but I have a feeling I'll still be quite busy!

the darkest night:Thanks sis!! Yeah, things are pretty hectic now, that's for sure! Looking a little better after today, but the coming months will definately be tough to get through.