Sunday, 18 November 2007

Stupid eBay!!

Well, I guess it's not eBay that's stupid, but rather a seller I've encountered!
I bought the entire Stargate SG-1 boxset (seasons 1-10) a while back, but it hasn't arrived yet! I decided to send an email to the seller (I've sent one before but not gotten a reply), since it's been a month since I bought it! That in itself didn't pose any problems, but when I started checking around, I got more and more worried ...
Turns out the seller is no longer a registered seller at eBay, for some strange reason is the auction itself "removed" (I mean, I know I've bought the item, and it hasn't been 60 days yet, but it's not on eBay anywhere!), and the last feedback this seller got was from a buyer who bought the same boxset as me - and reported he'd not gotten the set, nor gotten any reply to either emails or phonecalls!
Terrific! NOOOOOT!!!!!
I payed over $200 for it, which is an awful lot of money and I don't have the time or the energy for this right now! I checked out paypal, and aparently they have some 'resolution center' where you're supposed to comunicate with the seller and reach a conclusion, and if that doesn't work, paypal will step in and act as "judge and jury" ... guess that's where this whole mess will end up eventually ... not to mention the fact that it's Christmas fairly soon, when I don't have any access to the internet or my email accounts - wonderful to be in this situation if I can't even check out what's happening!!
On top of that I had to leave my first negative feedback on Tradera - someone who bought two auctions from me and never payed, thanks a lot! - and I feel very strongly about leaving negative feedback at all ...

I think I have enough on my plate at the moment without having to deal with these things as well.
Unfortunately this whole mess with eBay completely destroyed my day!! I should have been 100% focused on my studies, yeah right!!! Not a chance of that, that's for sure!! I've really tried to sit down and study but there's not a hope in hell of getting anything done whatsoever!!

I'm glad that I was greatful for my 'good moods', because they certainly haven't shown themselves today, that's for sure ... I feel really down and low and angry and upset and sad and frustrated right now, and when I'm like this, I don't get anything done ... and since I'm not getting anything done, I realize I will be in even more trouble at Uni, which makes me even more down and low and angry and upset and sad and frustrated!

LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry, I really shouldn't be blogging when I'm in this mood)

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Dakota said...

That's not very nice... :-(
I sure hope you can get your money back!!
I wish you the best of luck!!

Jessica said...

Thanks Dakota - I REALLY hope there's something I can do ... it's SO much money!! I probably wouldn't bother so much if it was $10 or something, but I payed $215 which at the current rate was over 1400SEK - that's A LOT of money *sigh*
Will give the seller this week to reply to my email, if he hasn't I guess I'll use the weekend to start messing around with eBay and Paypal!