Saturday, 19 May 2007

Great Dinner ... With Unexpected Ending!

Yesterday I was invited to dinner by a girl I studied with last semester (S) - it was me and one more girl (J), we all studied together then, and J and I are taking the same courses this semster as well.
I was rather tired at after my trip, but I was very much looking forward to this, as I tend to get along great with these girls!

I met up with J at the train (which was late ) and together we walked to S ... uphill to say the least! About one week's exercise just in that walk (well, almost anyway!)!
It was great to see S again, I haven't seen her much this semester, and it was also nice to see her apartment!

We had YUMMY raspberry drinks first ... felt just like summer!! Especially since we were out on the balcony, sun shining, 6 floors up, overlooking the ocean! Gorgeous!!
Then time for yummy food as well - although I definately ate too much (why is it so difficult to stop eating when something tastes really good?? It's like your brain can't communicate and say you've had enough, you just keep on eating!!)! I also have a feeling I might have had a tad too much wine ... but I guess you are allowed to spoil yourself sometimes, right?! :)

We had a great time, chatting - checking out the CUTEST bunny-video ever on YouTube (S - could you please email me the link!??!?!?), looking at photos ... and, oh yeah ... laughing!! Definately a lot of laughter!!

We had two deserts as well - real luxury! The second desert is a bit of a 'secret', very unique and I was told I am one of the few who have been able to try it ... *proud* I have to say it is certainly unique and different, but it was really good!!! (the pic is of S and J showing me just how yummy it is!! *lol*)

After more laughing and chatting, we realized that mine and J's train were leaving at 12.27, so we started getting ready! Both of us felt we had plenty of time, there weren't that many people out etc. When J bought her ticket, it was marked 12.26, so we hurried downstairs to the train tracks - and the train was nowhere in sight!!
We checked and checked and checked ... and it became very aparent that the train had already left!! Which means it must have left BEFORE 12.27!!! Which is SO wrong!!! One thing is if you miss a train because you miscalculates time or something, but a train should never ever leave before schedule!!! *sigh*
Both me and J were pretty stunned, at first I don't think we really understood what had happened. We didn't know what to do ... this was the last train, the next one were due to leave at 6 a.m. I noticed I could catch a bus, but it wouldn't go until 2.30 a.m. - and what would J do??

We just stood staring for a while, than finally decided to go back to S and see if we could sleep there for a few hours and take the first train in the morning. We did not have the energy to go through the long walk uphill, and realized that a bus would leave in two minutes! We had to run like crazy, ignore traffic signals and shove our way to the bus stop, and luckily we just made it!! S was totally nice and fixed "beds" for us, so everything was ready when we arrived back there! (*thanks!!*) It took quite a while before I could sleep, it was probably after 2 a.m. and I had my alarm set at 5.15 so we would catch the train!

It was not nice to get up right after five - not being able to shower, or brush your teeth or anything ... *yucky* We didn't wake up S but pretty much sneaked out - and caught the 5.53-train ....

Zorro was really happy when I arrived home, and we've been sleeping on the coach on and off throughout the day today!
I haven't gotten much done today, but hopefully I'll be able to get a solid night's sleep tonight, so I can be more effective tomorrow!

To conclude this entry - it was really a wonderful dinner ... with an unexpected ending! :) :)

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