Friday, 18 May 2007

Very Intense Few Days!

Now I'm back with an update of a few very intense days!
It's been a great trip with some really wonderful moments, but I can't help but feeling completely exhausted now! I'm trying not to collapse completely, as I'm going off to dinner with a few friends from Uni tonight! I'm really looking forward to it, but I hope I don't fall asleep right in the middle of it!

I think Tuesday was the worse, actually.
I left home at 6.45 a.m. and went to Uni for lectures at 8. That worked out, even though lectures have been a strain on me this whole semester, so I can't just shrug it off either. Back home by train, I was home at 11. Since this was going to be an ordeal for Zorro as well, I tried not to stress too much at home - but that of course resulted in me being very late, so I was really stressed out, and didn't know wether I'd gotten everything done or now. I managed to get Zorro packed at about 11.30, I was meeting my friend at Uni at 12 when her lecture finished. It took longer to drive than I thought, so I was a little late when I was closing in on Uni ... when of course I took two wrong turns!!! Now, I really knew the way I was planning on taking, but I guess I was totally nervous and stressed out. This is a fairly large city after all, so it's not just possible to make a U-turn and go back either ...
Finally I managed to pick up my friend and she gave me directions on how to get out of town first, then on the highway and then circling a bit to get to her appartment in another city!
At this time I already had a horrible headache, so I was dreading the rest of the day to say the least!!

We tried to get Zorro settled, and that actually worked out really good! I was nervous of course, but he seemed to respond really well to his new temporary home! That felt great for me, and I was able to leave my friend - and Zorro *sob* - at about 1.30 p.m. (I'd stayed almost an hour). I was unsure of the way back from my friends, it was a great deal of traffic in the middle of the city, but I saw signs to indicate the right way! I got on the highway all right - eventually - and in the wrong end of town, so I had to follow the highway around the whole town, which probably meant an extra 20-30 kilometers at least! *sigh*
At least I didn't take any wrong turns this time and I found my way back to the gas station where I'd rented the car without problem! The only problem was that pretty much everyone in the whole district decided to visit the gas station at that particular time! I had to wait forever to get help, and than it took forever to get everything settled, but there were no practical problems, which was a huge relief!

Than I could at least start to relax a little, since the rest of the trip really wasn't much up to me! I took a train first, then waited for my bus. I decided to get something to eat while I waited - and tried to do something about my headache. That didn't work though, because aparently there was going to be a huge soccer derby in that city the same night, tons of supporters shouting like crazy, policemen hovering everywhere - a mess!! On top of that, the bus I was going to take had been delayed in the Copenhagen customs, so it was over half an hour late!
It did arrive finally, and it wasn't a lot of people onboard, which was great, I could really try to relax! At least at first ....
I had gotten a seat quite near the driver and co-driver - big mistake! (Sit further back if you can help it, that's my advice!) The driver got a phonecall from another driver, who had gotten stuck in traffic due to some road work on the highway! There was a huge traffic jam and he'd been standing there for an hour, and adviced we'd take a detour passed this ... the co-driver didn't quite believe him and argued that we'd take the normal route, he didn't know anything about any road work etc. There was a huge debate until the last minute, because when we just arrived at the turn-off, we saw the huge traffic jam - so the bus made the turn at the last possible minute .... We got a bit delayed because of the detour, but I think we would have arrived even later had we been caught in the middle of the road work - so I guess it turned out all right anway!
Then came the next problem ... which was a lot less pleasant. It appeared one of the passengers had vomited in the bus toilet and refused to clean up, so they even had to lock in, because nobody could go in! The co-driver was in quite a state about it, and it turned out to be a big deal. I didn't much care about any of this, but since I had a severe headache and tried to sleep - this disturbed me quite a bit!
We arrived about 30-40 minutes late and then I had about 1½ to the next bus - so I tried to eat and drink and pop headache pills ... but the headache stuck! The next bus was actually early (!!) and it was very quiet, so I got quite a lot of sleep, which felt great ... the headache almost disappeared!
I arrived at about twenty past midnight and my Dad was there to pick me up!

I was woken on Wednesday by my oldest little sister, M!! She'd really grown and she talks so much! It was wonderful to see her again!
My Dad had to work in the morning, and after a while, I took M shopping, while her Mum and my youngest sister, I, was at home preparing for the Christening. I think M had a good time, because I really tried to make it a fun trip for her! She usually accompanies her parents on shopping trips, but then it's all about getting the groceries as quickly as possible and nothing more. We went through the toy departments of each store and that was it!
About ten steps into the first store, M found a cute little toy cat, she immediately fell in love with! And I mean REALLY fall in love with! She's never gotten a lot of stuff in stores like that, so she's never demanding at all, or claiming that we should buy something, but she stood with the cat in her arms, looked up at him and wondered if we could get it? I feel strongly about children always getting everything they want, but at the same time I was very moved about the way she'd been taken by the cat! I told her she'd have to wait and see, and we could go back to the cat later. She accepted it right off, and we walked around. But every 3-4 minutes, she asked ... would be go back to the cat now? We did go back and I did buy it for her (and a baby rabbit for I, so it was fair!!)!! Just take a look at the picture - how can you say no to that?!?!??
We went around the mall for about 1½-2 hours and I think she really enjoyed it!

Back home for lunch and rest. M usually wants somebody to lie on the floor next to her bed when she's going to sleep - naturally that was my job! What happened was that both M and me fell asleep and slept for two solid hours!!! :)

When we got up, me and Dad and M went to a park in town, where they keep some farm animals, like cows, sheep, rabbits etc. M had a wonderful time, they had a very young calf and lots of wonderful lambs ... so cute!!!

When M had gotten to bed, young I was awake for a little while, so I got to spend some time with her as well, before it was time to put her to bed as well! Is she cute or what?!?
She can scream like an opera singer if she puts her mind to it, but when she's calm and lauging and "talking", she's just about the cutest thing you've ever seen! :)

Thursday was also very intense! We got up pretty early and had time for some playing time with M before we got ready for the Christening.
It was a great ceremony at Church, as it was just the Christening and nothing else, so it was very familiar and wonderful! Apart from us, M's and I's grandparents and aunt (with boyfriend) and uncle (with girlfriend) came. M is quite familiar with the Church, she's been going to different child-play groups there, and she was involved in the ceremony, helping the priest to ring the church bells, helping her mother to pour water etc! Adorable!
And I was really good, she hardly said anything during the ceremony, and when they were playing and singing she kept laughing and laughing!
The photo of all three of us is taken right before we were leaving for Chruch!

We went back home after the ceremony and ate a little, before it was time for me to say Good bye for now, and head off. The trip south went really well, but it was rather tiresome to be all alone! I had to go to pick up Zorro first as well, before I could go home! That worked very smoothly though, and it seemed things with Zorro had worked out quite well. Despite that I wasn't home until 10 p.m. and had driven about 600-650 kilometres that afternoon!

As you can imagine, I am very tired now - I didn't sleep much tonight because Zorro was so happy to be home, he kept jumping up and down on the bed the entire night! :)
Now I'm trying to relax, unpack and get ready for tonight!

-- Oh, and before I forget! I saw that my 3000th visitor had found his/her way to my blog while I was away! Thank you sooo much for visitng my blog! :) --

A few more cute kid-photos before I sign off! (I didn't get that many photos since things were so intense ... will be more during the summer!)

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Jexxie said...

Congrats on 3000 visitors!!

The Darkest Night said...

LOVE the pics!! :) But no pic of the rabbit? unfair...*lol*
totally understand your decision to give M the cat! :) No one could say no to that face! Especially not since she wasn't fighting or demanding to get it...
your sisters sure are CUTE! :) How is M dealing with being a big sister now?

sounds like you've had quite a busy trip - i hope you'll get some time to relax this weekend. sounds like you need it !

Hope you'll have a great dinner !

Jessica said...

jexxie: Thanks!

The darkest night: Sorry, no rabbit pic ... was somewhat hard to get the time to actually take photos of I, as M had to be occupy doing something else at the time! :)

My Dad kept saying I just shouldn't buy things like that, but when M was SO nice about the cat, and she so obviously feel in love with it, I couldn't resist! :)

I think M is handling the situation a bit better now, although she's still somewhat sensitive, so you have to be aware of it! She was totally okay with picking out the rabbit for I when she got the kitten, but I needed to really explain it to her well first ... and when her grandmother asked her later on, if she had helped buy the rabbit for I, she instantly replied: "I got the cat!!" ... still, I think it's getting better and better, and that's the main thing of course! :)

Will try to write an entry on last night's dinner later on tonight ... I have some pictures but I will need permission from the others (have permission from one of them, still waiting for the other ...) to add them ....

Hope I'll catch you on YIM soon!