Sunday, 20 May 2007

Slow Motion!

I don't really know why today has been so slow! Sure, I'm tired and worn out, after this intense week, but I still took it really easy yesterday, tried to catch up on some sleep etc ... but despite that, I've felt completely exhausted today!
Not much has been done unfortunately, so I don't really feel prepared for next week!
It's not that heavy, but things seem to pile up - lectures, meeting my mentor, working on group projects ... Guess I will be keeping busy after all, right?! :)

I did finish Patricia Cornwell's Blowfly this morning ... don't really know if I liked it or not! I mean, I do like the Scarpetta-books, and I like Patricia Cornwell, but this was definately not one of my favourites!
Have to say I'm not very fond of the changes she's making in the books. From the beginning, she always wrote in first person, as if Kay Scarpetta herself was telling the story, and she always wrote in imperfect, telling a story that had already happened. In The Last Precinct she changed it from imperfect to present, which I felt was very confusing! Normally when you read a book, you are told a story, here you somehow followed the story as it was happening: (not a real-quote, just an example): "I walk into the kitchen and pour myself a cup of coffee as I think about what happened last night." I somehow find it a little hard to read the story like that. I did sort of get used to it during The Last Precinct and the same technique is used in Blowfly too - only this time Cornwell writes in third-person, so it's no longer Scarpetta telling the story, or even being the main character. I can in a way understand the need for these changes, but I can't really say I like them ....
Blowfly was a good book, no doubt about that, but I couldn't help feeling the storyline was somewhat thin and a bit confusing - not really very believable at times (won't spell out exactly what I mean, since that would be a MAJOR spoiler) ... and the different use of the language was also something that I didn't quite like.
I'm anxious to get Trace and Predator to see what they are like too!

Finishing off with some digi-scraps I made earlier! Enjoy!

My Life At The Moment!
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The Darkest Night said...

aw...sorry to hear you didn't like Blowfly that much...

I agree it's a but odd when she uses present form both The Last Precint & Blowfly I got used to it pretty quickly, but in Predator I found it VERY annoying... I really liked the story of Blowfly though! Trace was also good (and it's great that it's NOT in present form *lol*) but I liked the story of Blowfly better.... as for Predator..totally didn't like that one. My least fave Scarpetta book for sure.. so I'm curious to hear what you will think of the next two books :)

Lovely scraps! My favourite is the one with all 3 of you! So sweet!
A little suggestion might want to add a shadow on every item you put in (papers, elements, photos, letters and so on). It gives it even more of a scrapbook-look. Just a suggestion ;)
You're getting really good at this!

Jessica said...

Now you've made me VERY curious to read Trace and Predator! :) I hope I can get Trace soon! :) Have to say that I like her earlier books better - except from Black Notice which I think is my favourite - but who knows, that might change?! :)

Thanks for the suggestion on suing shadows ... I didn't think of that, but I think you're right ... I'll try that next time! :) :)

The Darkest Night said...

I hope you can find Trace soon! Will be interesting to hear what you think of it (and Predator)... I seem to have a bad Cornwell-memory at the moment...I think The Body Farm was my favourite of her books (so far), but at the moment most of the others seem to blend together...*oops* Might be time to read them all again ;)

Jexxie said...

hello. tydligen ska jag bort i helgen...på lördag...sen fyller min pappa 50 vilket kommer att ta upp två helger (fest och mottagning). Men om du vill hitta på ngt nu på fredag så hade det varit kul. Förstår dock om det är för kort varsel...

Jexxie said...

du får gärna sova över om du oroar dig för exempelvis hemfärd eller liknande...jag ahr gott om sovplatser

Jessica said...

the darkest night:
Good luck with some re-reading! I've just gone through my entire Scarpetta-collection! :) Kinda nice!! Just a bit annoying that I'm missing Trace, will have to really start looking for it!
I also tend to get confused about some titles, I think it's Cruel And Unusual, The Body Farm, From Potter's Field and Cause of Death I tend to get completely mixed up! :D

jexxie: Börjar bli lite tight här också nu, men fredag skulle kunna funka för mig ... dock måste jag nog hem på kvällen, så det är bra om det inte blir supersent ... jag ska kolla lite tidtabeller och sånt ... skickar nog ett mail när jag har kollat upp det! :) Vore jättekul att ses, var ju länge sen nu!!!