Thursday, 24 May 2007

Decisions, decisions!

Things are really getting to be very confusing at the moment...
I have a lot of decisions to make and in each and every one of them it feels like I loose no matter what I do. Not fun!
I know this is the last of this semester, it's only about two weeks to the final exam and I have to give my all to make a go of it. As usual it's not quite that simple though ...

This whole semester has been a huge great mess, and it's getting more and more aparent that the end of it will be the same! It seems like things are getting more and more confusing, and I'm sort of forced into making decisions I don't really want to make.
I guess what I am trying to say is that at the moment I really don't feel in control of my own life. There are always other issues and other people and other problems that in some way forces me to act and make choices I feel I have no control over. And that's a pretty awful feeling!

I have all the motivation in the world to try to change things after this semester, I have some plans of new approaches for the summer and at least now I'm feeling hopeful they will work out. But that still leaves these coming few weeks, and fact is, I need to get through them without everything collapsing!

Sorry about the not-so-fun blog entries of late, I hope that I can come back with more positive entries later on - although I have a feeling that will be after the exam is done ...

Take care!

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