Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Exam's Over!!


I know I really shouldn't feel happy about this, because I'm very sure that I have failed the exam! But I just can't help myself ... I actually feel like I have come up with a strategy that has potential to work for the next course, and since everything about this course was such a mess, I'm just glad it's all over. I know I will have to take this exam again, but it will probably not be before late-August, and at least I'll have some chance of "recovery" first!!

I have actually spoiled myself a bit today, and not done any studying at all. We have lectures tomorrow, and we have to prepare quite a bit, but I don't have to leave home until 1p.m. so I figure if I get up fairly early, I'll be able to make the preparations tomorrow!
It's been wonderful to be able to take it easy, tonight I watched the Ice Hockey World Championships, where Sweden beat Switzerland (6-0) and I've also spent some time working on my little project! It looks like I might be able to pull it off, but I still won't guarantee anything ... :)

Take care!

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The Darkest Night said...

really sorry to hear the exam didn't go well...better luck next time! *hugs*

Jessica said...

thanks sis! :) I pretty much knew before that I didn't stand much chance ... guess that's the way it is sometimes! Just have to try to get a grip on things and hope I'll do better next time!