Monday, 14 May 2007

Complete Confusion!

Today has been okay, no doubt about that, but I still don't feel the best right now!
It was a rather intense day today, lots of stuff happening and lots of nervous moments, and yet I know that tomorrow will be a lot more demanding!!
Right now, I'm more confused than anything ... I have a million things in my head, and I can't make heads or tails of any of them! I know there are tons of stuff to be done, but I don't get around to doing them, or I realize I can't do them until tomorrow ... and ... well, let's just say everything is a big mess at the moment!
I also feel stressed out, because I have the strongest feeling I have forgotten a number of things, but I still can't be focused enough to remember any of it! *sigh*

Sorry about the "depressing" entry, I'm not really feeling down, I'm just feeling very confused! I just hope everything will work out during the next 18-20 hours ...

Well, to try and look at the "bright" side of things; today has mostly worked out! One incident at Uni wasn't exactly great, but I don't think I could have done anything to make it better, so I guess I'm gonna have to live with that! And the rest of the time at Uni was pretty good ...
And I managed to collect the rental car without too much hassle too - even though the clerk was somewhat rude ... and I couldn't get the stupid gear in reverse, so I hardly made it out of the parking lot *lol*. Lucky I can laugh about it now, right?! :)

I'll try to pull myself together now, and get a few more things done before I turn in ... I do hope to find the time to make a short Good-bye note here tomorrow morning, but I won't guarantee it! It all depends on how much I get done, how much sleep I'll get etc.
I think the worst right now is thinking about Zorro!! I know my friend is really wonderful, she loves cats and all that, but it still feels like a knife in my heart knowing I have to leave Zorro tomorrow ...

Oh, by the way - I just thought of something.
I thought I would include a picture of my and my youngest sister from my last visit, which was in late January!
Somehow I have a feeling I will come back with somewhat different pictures ... :)

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My Plans for tomorrow: Lectures, leaving Zorro *sob*, trip to my Dad's!

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