Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A Really Long Day!

Today feels like it's been going on forver!! And it's not over yet!! It's after 10 p.m. but I still have four Bible verses I need to translate ... *yawn*
But I guess I should start from the beginning ...
Lectures early this morning, I felt pretty awful after yesterday and had a really hard time actually getting there. When I did, I met a girl with whom I had earlier discussed a group project we have to do during this course. We've been missing eachother for weeks now; every time I'm there, she's not and vice versa. I wasn't sure she'd still want to do it, but she did, so we'll settle on what text to work on tomorrow. This is something that has been worrying me a bit, so it was very nice to get it resolved. Lectures worked out, but I'm still having a hard time coping ....
The others had gotten their exams back yesterday, but me and another girl weren't there, so during the break we asked our teacher - and it turned out he'd forgotten them at home! So now I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out if I passed or failed ...

After lectures I stayed and studied for a couple of hours before meeting my mentor at noon. We had a great time, she's agreed to take care of Zorro while I'm up north for the Christening, so there were a lot of practical details to run through! I am looking forward to the trip, no doubt about that, but I have a strong feeling this is the most complex trip I've ever made!
Anyway, after I had sorted most of it out with my mentor, I went to check on how to rent a car. I will rent a car for 24 hours, so I can drive Zorro to my mentor - she lives a fair way from me, and to spare Zorro being dragged on two city buses and a train, I thought I'd rent a car and drive him. That actually went very smooth, so I booked the car there and then.

By the time I got home I was truly exhausted - only to find that the tickets for the train I was planning to take were sold out! Thank you very much!!
Now I'm gonna have to take a bus, which has both good and bad sides. The good news is I don't have to rush, meaning I'll be able to stay a bit longer with Zorro and help him settle in. The bad news is I'm not at my family's until half past midnight!! Talk about a long day - I'll leave home at about 6.45 in the morning, and won't stop until I'm at my Dad's, which will be about a quarter to one at night ... *yawn - again*
Ah well, I guess I'll survive that as well.

Time flies, and I really should try to get those four verses done before turning in tonight! Wish me Luck!
Take care!

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