Tuesday, 29 May 2007

My New Toy!

Yes, it arrived today - my new toy! *lol* Have to say I'm surprised it arrived so quickly though, the seller must have sent it before he recieved payment!! *gasp*
Anyway, I'm totally happy about it, and I have already fallen in love with my new little toy! It took me a few annoying minutes to get my sim-card out of the old phone and into the new one, but then it was full steam ahead! :) Didn't take me more than ten minutes or so to work out where to find the camera function, so quickly I had Zorro as a background image!

Speaking of Zorro - here he is, enjoying the freedom of a fenced in balcony! Seriously though, he enjoys it a lot and spends most of his time there screaming his head off at various creatures, such as birds, dogs, spiders - anthing he can catch sight of! :)
Today it's not made that big a difference having the balcony door open, since we've had over 30 degrees all day! *SIGH* I don't like it when it's that hot, and no oxygen whatsoever in the air so it's an effort to do the least little thing. I'm guessing this was created by the huge thunderstorm that kept me and Zorro awake for most of the night!
I just hope tomorrow will be better.

Well, not much news otherwise, I'm counting the minutes until this semester is finally over, but it looks like everything that can go wrong at the moment actually does - so it's hard to keep a fighting spirit, that's for sure!

Take care!
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