Saturday, 5 May 2007

Celebrity Meeting!

Yes, I had a "celebrity meeting" today!
If you have read my previous entries, you know that a well-known Swedish author called Camilla Läckberg is currently on a signing-tour for her new book, "Tyskungen", and I was going today! It was really a great oportunity, my Mum introduced me to her books during Easter holidays, and I read the first three on the spot. I read the fourth one during the last few days, and now she was releasing and signing the fifth.
It was not all joy though, because struggling with Social Phobia means these things are not easy to do. Since I have been feeling bad for the last couple of months as well, I hardly feel up to new challenges either, so this was quite straining. Since public transport isn't the best on weekends, I was at the mall where Camilla would be at 2, her signing would start at 3.30!! The waiting was probably worse, because it's hard to deal with high levels of anxiety over a long period of time. I didn't have much choice but to manage - but when it was 3.30 we were told Camilla would be late (or "told"- there wasn't a lot of people and I pretty much overheard the staff of the bookshop talking about it!), which didn't surprise her. I'd checked out her schedule, which was totally intense, she'd pretty much needed a helicopter to get around to every place she had to be!
At about a quarter to four she came rushing in, apologizing for being late! She was so nice and friendly, and seeing as she'd been on the move since 10 in the morning, signing books in four three different places - and done some travelling - I found that quite remarkable! I was quite insecure as to how this was done, so I kind of just hung around ... it was not a lot of people, so Camilla took her time, talking to everybody and being really friendly! Eventually I joined the line, and when I reached her, she was so nice! I told her I'd just finished reading the previous book, and she pointedly told me (in a very friendly way!!) that I was "cheating", since the procedure was that you had to wait a year between books! :) :)

This was a really nice experience, and I have to say that I'm very happy about having gone through with it. The way I've been feeling lately, I haven't managed to take on any challenges besides Uni, but I'm really happy that I did today! :)

I spent over an hour waiting for a bus home, but I didn't mind much! The friendly conversation with Camilla was still fresh in my mind, and it also gave me an oportunity to start reading the book! :) :)

For a change - this has been a really good day!!

Take care!

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