Saturday, 12 May 2007


myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics Yes, I'm definately in a grumpy mood today!! Nothing has really worked out at all today, starting early this morning when - no, no bird this time!! - I woke up with a severe headache - third day in a row ... *sigh*
This pretty much limits my ability to do anything, and right now, I need to do so much!!
At least the headache subsided a little - but it has come and gone throughout the day! I managed to do some shopping, and I have started to clean up the apartment, but it's certainly been going in slow-motion today, that's for sure ... And I have tons to do before next week starts, so I'm already beginning to dread tomorrow ...

At about lunch-time I watched the first Ice Hockey Semi-Finals between Russia and Finland - well, I didn't watch it closely, but it was certainly on! Quite a good game actually, though some foul play at times. Finland won - fairly - in sudden death, 2-1, and went on to the finals.
Tonight it was time for the second semi-final between Canada and Sweden ... NOT a good game, that's for sure!! I don't know what had happened in the Swedish team but they hardly seemed to have any fighting spirit at all! Okay, after the first period, it was 3-0 to Canada, but they still had 40 minutes to even the score ... it ended up being 4-1 - so Sweden are playing for third place against Russia tomorrow, and Canada and Finland will meet in the finals ...
I found out that you could chat to one of the commentators online after the game, I've never been into that sort of thing before but I thought it would be cool to check it out ... I even sent in a question - but of course my question were never answered before they closed the chat (though several other - *stupid* - questions were answered ... *sigh*

Definately not been my day today, that's for sure! Guess I'd better get to bed early and hope tomorrow will be better!
Good night!

Edit: *weirdness* I have tried editing this post a number of times, but aparently something is wrong (so what else is new with my life? *sigh*) and the '0 COMMENTS' where you're supposed to click if you want to comment my post, has mysteriously disappeared. Sorry about this, seems there's nothing I can do about it ... Hopefully, it will mysteriously re-appear next time I post ....

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