Monday, 7 May 2007

A Really Really Bad Day!

Today has been awful!! I have soooo many things to do right now, and I ended up with a headache that left me lying in bed all day long!! *sigh* I could hardly function at all before 5 p.m. this afternoon - meaning of course that I missed lectures today, and the headache have been bad enough so that I haven't been able to study at all!
I have to go tomorrow, I just don't know how I'll manage it! Since last week was fairly chaotic, I'm not sure exactly what it is we're supposed to prepare for tomorrow either, which of course makes me feel even worse.
On top of the whole Uni thing, I have a number of things to try to sort out about my trip, meaning I won't be home until late tomorrow, which in effect also mean that I'm probably gonna be unprepared for Wednesday's lecture as well!! I think I could take it at one time, I mean, I can say that I'm unprepared - after all, I have been sick - but I can't say that all the time, now can I?

I really shouldn't be writing here at the moment, because I'm in a horrible mood, and I mostly feel like buying a one-way ticket for Australia and never ever come back ...

Didn't improve my mood that Sweden lost their game against Russia tonight either ...

Guess we can all hope I have a somewhat more optimistic entry to make tomorrow night, right?


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