Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Worn Out!

It's not even 9 p.m. and I'm feeling completely dead!! Guess it's going to be an early night for me!
I have had a somewhat strange day, where some things have felt quite good, and other things really horrible!!

I'll get to the bad news first ... the exam! I got it back today, and although it wasn't all bad, I have felt really bad about it all day! It turns out it was graded in three different parts, I had passed one of the parts, but failed two. That in itself isn't so bad, because it means I only have to do the ones I failed again. The major problem is that it's a mess about when to take it again! I find it rather difficult to talk to our teacher too, so I'm thinking of sending him an email to see what I can find out ... the problem is, if I have to retake this exam - in whatever form it may be - soon, I probably will miss the course I'm on now!! It's so intense, and for the first time during this semester I can at least almost feel like I'm keeping track of things, I'm preparing what I'm supposed to prepare, I show up for lectures etc ... so should I just throw that away to study for this exam now? I think it's impossible to do both, so that's not an option! But it isn't easy to choose which one to go for either ... *sigh*

Some good news though. Regarding the group project, it's pretty much settled. I found a girl to work with, we decided on what text to work with, we've told the teacher, and we've set a date for when we're going to actually do it! So that at least is one thing less to worry about ... except of course for the fact that it's an oral presentation - and I don't like them!! I know I did a number of them last semester, which was great, and I think that's taken some of the panic away, but still, seeing as I haven't coped great with this semester, it's still a worry!

Even better news: SWEDEN's in SEMI FINALS in the the Hockey World Championships!! *yay*

We played against Slovakia tonight and it was really a great game! Sweden was in real trouble sometimes, so it was quite exciting! Though I have a hard time getting used to all the foreign players we have in the Swedish League, that are now 'the enemy' .... a good example came tonight. When it was the Swedish Leauge Finals here a while back, my team didn't make it, so I had my eye set on a team called MODO ... their goal keeper was none other than Slovakia's goal keeper tonight, Karol Krizan!! So a little while back, I kept cheering for him like crazy in the Swedish finals - now I only cheer when the puck ends up behind him! *lol*

The ice hockey game improved my spirits a bit, but I have to say that I am very worried about this whole deal about the exam! I guess I really should send that email to my teacher, trying to get to the bottom of what will happen now ... I hate it when things are this confusing ....

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The Darkest Night said...

Really sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well! hope you'll get rid of your headache really soon..*hugs

PS have you tried the pill Eeeze (sp?).. I know several people who use them against migraines...supposed to be great, although I can't take them because you're not allowed to when you have asthma (weird!)..

Jessica said...

Thanks!! Yeah, headaches are totally annoying!
I did try Eeze one time, I had the beginning of a migraine and followed the instructions that were given ... the result: a 21 hour long migraine attack!
I won't say it was BECAUSE OF the pills, becuase it may be so that I waited too long before taking them or something ... but I probably won't try again in a hurry ...
But thanks for the thought! ;)

The Darkest Night said...

aw... then i don't blame you for avoiding them :)

A couple of guys I know were having this great discussion about migraines....One of them is saying that Eeze is great - it always helps! And the other guy agrees... BUT he is talking about ICE *lol* took a while before they realized they were talking about two very different methods... *lol*

Jessica said...

*LOL* That is totally funny! :D :D Have to say that so far - I'm mostly agreeing with the ICE-guy! ;)