Sunday, 6 May 2007


YAY!!!! Sweden just won their game against Finland - the two of them are rivals from way back, so this was a nice win! Just 1-0, but hey, that's enough, right?! :)
Sweden's game wasn't THAT great, but our goal keeper Johan Backlund was fantastic! Especially the last few seconds were soooo tight!!!

I've spent most of today studying! I'm at least going to try to follow this last part of the course this semster, and hopefully pass my exam on June 7th ... but it's so much work I'm nearly drowning! Since we had cancelled and moved lectures last week it feels like everything is pretty much a mess, and it's hard to know what we have to prepare for each day ... and it's a lot!! I know it's supposed to be hard work, and I can't protest against that, but I'd like to feel like I've accomplished something!! If I sit and work for two solid hours, at least I want to feel that I've done something, that I can put some of the work behind me - instead I see that I've covered maybe 1/4 or everything I need to prepare for one lecture ... *sigh*
Since we had to make up for the missing lecture last week, we have five lectures this week - one every single day!! And next week I'm going up north for my sister's Christening, there's so much I need to arrange and sort out for the trip to work, I don't know how I'm gonna do it!! There's simply not enough hours of the day - and I'm noticing as I'm getting older that when I'm studying full-time I can't make do with two or three hours sleep a night ... *sigh again*

Okay, this turned out totally depressing - sorry!! I am happy that Sweden won the game tonight, and I'll try not to be too crazy about the studying! I don't have to leave until about half past eleven tomorrow - we have lectures at 12, so I should be able to get some hours work done then as well.

Take care!

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Jexxie said...

I also watched the game between finland and sweden.....Backlund was awesome!!!

Jessica said...

Totally agree! I usually prefer Daniel Henriksson (he used to be in Färjestad which is totally my team!) by I have to say Backlund was fantastic tonight! :D