Sunday, 10 August 2008

Activities Started!

Yes, I have had a more active day today - although I haven't gotten everything done!
The entire morning was spent in the Amanda Tapping Forum ... I had so much to catch up on - but I really like it there, so it was worth the time, learning what everybody had been up to during the summer.
I've also gotten a few things done online, spent some time cleaning the kitchen ... all in all, not too bad a day! :)

Tomorrow will be even more active, I have to have a lengthy conversation with my landlord. My bathroom floor hasn't been good for some time, I approached him earlier but nothing happened - and now it's even worse ... I fear they will have to open up most of the floor and at least put in a new carpet - I have no idea when or how that works, but I at least have to talk to him about it. I also have a few other matters to discuss as well.
Also, a few boring phonecalls to make. While my Social Phobia is getting better and better, I still find it terribly difficult talking on the phone. I get nervous just thinking about it, and while it's nothing major I have to get done over the phone, I'm still having anxiety problems ... Still, making phonecalls is a part of your everyday life, so it's just something I have to get used to.

I also have a feeling that I have a dvd-package waiting for me at the Post Office tomorrow. They had a bit of a sale, and I haven't bought dvds in ages, so I ordered the first season of "Remington Steele", season 1 of "Stargate Atlantis" and the movie "Clubland", starring Rebecca Gibney and Philip Quast. Unfortunately "Atlantis" was out of stock, so I'm gonna have to wait for that one - but I still look forward to seeing Remington Steele and "Clubland" ... I also need to get a few errands done downtown ...

It feels good being back on track now, I hope things will work out smoothly tomorrow as well, so I can get started on visiting my friends, dealing with the fact that Uni starts in about two weeks etc.

My Life At The Moment!
Currently reading: A Sue Grafton Novel
Currently watching: Stargate SG-1, season 2 ("Secrets")
Currently listening to: Nothing
My Plans for tomorrow: Running errands, making phonecalls, talking to the landlord


storschan said...

hallihallå! vad är clubland för nåt?

Jessica said...

Vet inte nåt om filmen annat än att min stora favoritskådis (sångare) Philip Quast är med ... han har inte gjort så mycket film/tv (utan mest musikaler) så jag försöker få tag på det jag kan! :)

The Darkest Night said...

a dvd sale?? now that sounds nice!! WHERE???!! Lol

really curious to hear what you think of Remington Steele!! I'm still SOO annoyed that they won't release the rest of the seasons i Europe....

Jessica said...

*lol* Easy now ... only meant the "two dvd-box sets for 499:-" I know they have it here and there, I just felt I could "use" the fact that they call it a sale, to warrant my purchases! *LOL*

Yeah, I'm pretty curious about it myself. It feels VERY strange they won't release the other seasons ... *weird indeed*

The Darkest Night said...

LOL I go nuts when i hear the word SALE! LOL
and yeah..that IS a sale :) hope you'll like your dvds :)

yeah, that's totally strange..they released all of them in the US, but only season one in Europe....and it's been years since that was released...*sigh*

Jessica said...

*LOL* You ARE nuts!! :) :)
I just collected the dvds today ... will be a while before I watch them though, as I'm into my Stargate marathon ... will watch Atlantis after SG-1 season 7 though, as that's the way you're "supposed" to watch it ... maybe I'll get the story even more then!? :)

Very strange indeed - doesn't make any sense at all, why release the first season of a show, and not continue ....???