Monday, 11 August 2008

Busy Day!

Today I have gotten quite a lot done, so I'm really pleased with my day!
I was up pretty early and did some light cleaning, and when the landlord's office opened at 9.30 I was there - feeling quite nervous and anxious. There were already people there waiting in line, so it took a while before I got to see him.
We dealt with a few matters, the "real" issue was my bathroom floor. I didn't get that much clarity, but apparently some professional "guy" will contact me and I guess I'll have to discuss the details with him. It sounded like I'd be able to stay home for the most part of it anyway, which is good - doesn't feel to happy about imposing on friends for weeks at a time ... also, since I have Zorro, it's not just me imposing, it's a crazy cat imposing as well! ;)

I felt quite relieved after having handled that meeting, but I still knew I had two phonecalls to make, so I couldn't quite relax either. I managed to gather strength and took care of those as well - yay me! Everything worked out very smoothly, and after that, I took a well-earned nap!

During the afternoon I took a walk downtown (takes about 25 minutes) and ran a few errands before walking home again. I haven't gotten that much done since I came home, but I did manage to start preparing some Tradera auctions! I have tons of stuff I should add, and I only had energy to fix 8 of them ... but if you want to check them out, feel free to do so by **clicking here**!

Unfortunately I didn't get my dvd package today :( ... but I couldn't help myself to a few more dvds today! *feeling a little guilty*
I bought the first Stargate movie, "Stargate: Ark of Truth", from - and on eBay I found the Aussie movie "Caterpillar Wish" (Philip Quast) rather cheap! :)
I'm so waay behind on Stargate - I haven't even seen "Atlantis", and I haven't seen the SG-1 movie "Ark of Truth" either - and now the second movie "Continuum" been released ... guess I have some catching up to do there!
And finding something with Philip Quast always makes me tick! I know I'm still missing a few movies - like "Me and Mrs. Jones" and the episode of "Inspector Morse" he's in ... but I'm definately keeping an eye out for them! :)

My Life At The Moment!
Currently reading: I For Innocent (Sue Grafton)
Currently watching: Family Guy
Currently listening to: The Secret Garden (Original London Cast)
My Plans for tomorrow: Getting a haircut, shopping at a nearby mall, maybe more Tradera-auctions.


storschan said...

Hurra! Jag är så glad att du klarar dina möten och göromål. Jag kan förstå att det tar på krafterna, men du sköter det jättebra. Stor eloge till dig - Jag vet hur urjobbigt det är att tjata om renovering av lägenhet - vi fick hålla på i 1,5 år innan vi fick vår fixad och då behövdes det en jätteläcka i taket innan nåt hände.

Jessica said...

Aw, tack! :) :)
Mycket utav det här går ju SÅ mycket bättre nu än för ett par år sen, men det är alltid tufft i början av hösten när man har varit ifrån ångestfyllda situationer länge ...

*yikes* Inget kul med läckor i taket. Jag hoppas min golvläggare hör av sig snart så jag får se vad det blir med mitt badrum!