Monday, 18 August 2008

No Pics!

Sorry about the 'no-cleaning-pics' entry! *lol* I'm more or less finished, but it's no use taking pictures this late, the flash will reflect in the windows, and it will just look weird. I hope I can snap some shots tomorrow, when I've done the final touch, and add them with tomorrow's entry!

I feel like I've gotten a lot done today actually ... even though I still have to get up early to get the last things finished by tomrrow. But I've still done almost the entire living room (clearing away, wiping all the bookshelves (and all the other furniture), vacuum, remove a large chair and the table, and carpets, and scrubbed the floor - I've done the entire bathroom, and the hall ... so now it's pretty much clearing up in the kitchen, and one last run with the vacuum cleaner - and that's it.
Well, the bedroom is left, but I really will have to take that as a separate project ...
Still, I have a feeling I will have to get up early tomorrow, I realized I have to do some shopping before picking up my friend at the train, so I'll probably have to leave her about 10.30 - and I have to prepare the sallad as well ...

Even though I'm really tired now, and aching all over, I think i'ts worked out pretty well. I'm definately no fan of cleaning, that's for sure, but I think I've coped better this time than before. There is one thing I truly HATE about cleaning though, that doesn't seem to go away ever ... which is cleaning the bathroom drain ... I really really HATE it! It doesn't help that my drain is totally old and totally terrible either! First and foremost, it's too old to function properly, so I have to clean it pretty much every week - *YUCK* - and it's also really rusty down there, so the water in the drain is pictch black ... and filled with various disgusting particles ... *shivers* Today when I cleaned it, I also found this metal "blob-thingy" ... it felt like it was supposed to be propped into a whole to prevent leakage ... eh, that can't be good, right?!
Still, since my carpet isn't' good, I'm hoping someone will contact me soon about that, and from what I gather, they will also change the drain if they open up the floor to let it dry out and get a new carpet - I can't wait!

Seems like my week will be rather busy - which I totally like!
A friend - and her young son, aged about 7 months! - will come for lunch tomorrow!
On Wednesday, Lena will come for lunch! It's her first time visiting, I'm really looking forward to it.
And on Thursday night, Sara and Johanna will come for a Taco-night!
And in between that, I need to do some complementary shopping, get in touch with Uni, and at least start with cleaning my bedroom ...
So yeah - I'll keep busy!

Which is why I'll try to get to bed now ... if I can actually CLEAR by bed (all the things I haven't had the energy to deal with today has been stacked on my bed - along with the rest of the mess in my bedroom! *lol*

Also - don't forget to check out 'jessiezorro's Tradera Auctions'! :)

Take care, guys!

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