Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A Tribute To Zorro!

This entry is dedicated to Zorro, who has been absolutely wonderful this summer!!
No doubt he enjoys the summer house, especially since it allows him to be outside a lot! He is an indoor cat, so I keep him on a leash outside, but we fasten it in the ground so he can move around fairly freely without somebody having to walk around with him.
But I can still see he's not completely at ease when everybody is in the summerhouse, he doesn't get as much attention as he'd like, and he gets a bit disturbed by the constant noise and activity ... and despite that, his behaviour has been exemplary all summer!
*love you my darling*

Zorro experienced one drama this summer, but I was away so I was only told of it afterwards. My Dad and his family were minding Zorro when I was visiting a friend for a few days, and everything seemed just like normal. Zorro was fastened outside, and while I (and they) like to know where he is, naturally we can't just sit around and stare at him all the time. They had a good idea of where he was, and suddenly when they looked, he wasn't there!!!
I understood from my Dad that they had gotten a real scare, and I guess that's not so strange. Everybody started running in different directions trying to find him - and my oldest sister 'M' (4 years old) became the hero of the day, when she found him, some 75 meters away from the house!!!
It was quite an experience for them, I think my Dad in particular was quite taken by it, and I'm also very happy nothing happened!!! Since Zorro isn't used to being outside alone, he is poorly equipped to cope against other cats, cars on the road, badgers and foxes ...

I think it was a bit rough on Zorro when my Dad and his family drove us home. They stayed for a few days, like a 'mini-vacation', and Zorro is definately not used to the apartment being so noisy and crowded. Still, he has learned to get used to a lot, as he once fell asleep on the couch, while my little sisters where playing just nearby and more or less jumping on the couch!! Not bad for an old cat, right!?

But I still think that Zorro is happy to be home with just the two of us, that's the normal routine for us, and even though he enjoys the summerhouse, and gets along quite good with my oldest sister, this is still the very best! :)

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