Monday, 4 August 2008

Home Sweet Home! (and 11000 visitors!)

Hello readers! :)

I'm finally back home now, so hopefully I'm also back to more conintual blogging!!
It's been an intense summer, and my Dad and his family left around lunch time today, so I'm having a rather tough day today ... I totally hate good-byes!!!

Still, I thought I'd let you all know I'm back now, so I'm hoping things will be more or less back-on-track from tomorrow. I have always felt terrible about good-byes, so I'm almost always putting aside that day, as I don't really feel capable of doing anything constructive on that particular day.

I have several entries planned for the next few days, as it's easier to split everything that's been happening this summer into separate entries - so keep an eye out for updates now ... I'm hoping to at least accomplish one or two (maybe more) entries every day for the next few days!

Overall, I'm happy with this summer, although it's been tough at times. I think what I find most difficult is the radical changes. When my Dad's family has been out in the summerhouse with me, it's felt like living in a circus, well, almost anyway! It's been very intense and quite demanding to make it all work ... but once they've left me there, it's almost been too quiet! I've been all alone with Zorro, with not much to do, and a TV that hardly worked ... and then it's been very boring ...
But like I said, overall, it's been a good summer! My contact with my oldest sister, 'M', is really great, almost too good (!) as she totally adores me, and I've also established a good contact with my youngest sister, 'I', and that feels very good. No family disasters and most of the times, moods all around have been very good, so even though I haven't always felt great, my general impression of the summer, in retrospect, is that I'm happy with the summer of 2008!!
Naturally, there are things you wish were different, but that's a general fact of life, and you simply have to realize that you can't change some things that happen ...

Also, I wish you say THANK YOU to all my readers, as I've reached 11,000 visitors during the summer!!! Quite Amazing!!!
I didn't think anyone would visit this blog since I've been away, and not updated at all (almost!), but it seems I'm still getting visits - thanks guys!! I'll make sure to update the blog regularly at the future, so I hope you'll come back to check up on me! ;)

Take care!!

/Jessica (and Zorro)

Today's Blog Dedication: To Zorro, who has been so patient during the summer, and who is soooo nice to the children, even though they're running wild around him! I love you!! :)

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