Friday, 22 August 2008

I Am So Lucky!

I really feel like I'm such a lucky person today!!
I had a fantastic day yesterday - and the entire week has just been amazing - and I feel really lucky and blessed!

But I guess I should start at the beginning...
I had intended going shopping first thing tomorrow morning, as a store just north of town were having a clothes sale (I truly hate buying clothes, as I feel like a fat cow every time I try anything on, but then again, I simply have to have clothes to wear, so sometimes I just don't have a choice).
I overslept a little, but still managed to get the early bus ... I started checking the clothes department of the store, and for a change I really didn't hate it!! *gasp* Okay, so I'd still be happy if I lost a whole bunch of kilos - and fast (working on that!) - but somehow the "trying-on-clothes" wasn't a complete torture. I actually found one pair of jeans (they were really comfortable, and looks okay and was super-cheap, so I'm seriously considering going back and getting another pair ... or two ... *lol*) and three (!) shirts!! One is a liiiiittle tight, but give me a serious week or two working on my food-and-excercise habits and it'll work out. And while the other ones also will look a lot better in a few weeks, I can at least wear them without worrying about looking like the biggest freak around!
I was also supposed to buy some food and vegetables, but they were really expensive, so I decided to get them when I got home.

As soon as I had payed for my clothes, I realized that my bus home, had left like a minute before - the next one was due in an hour! *sigh* I had however spotted a city-bus stop not far from the store, so I thought I'd go there, see if I can catch a city bus to the train station and take the train home. I was totally lucky, I ended up at the right bus stop and the came after like 15 seconds! Amazing! I had a nice little bus ride (I always enjoy going places I've never been before) and was able to come just in time for the train, I only had to wait about a minute for it.
Once I got home, I bought what I was supposed to, took a bus home, and was completely exhausted - so I slept for a few hours!

Then it was time to start getting things in order for Taco-Night! :) I did some clearing away, ran the vacuum cleaner, prepared most of the tacos and took a shower, and then headed to the train station to meet Sara and Johanna. They came from oposite directions, but both trains were late, so I had to wait about 15 minutes for Johanna, and then we spent about 5 minutes waiting for Sara.
It was SO nice to see them again, I have really really missed them during the summer! We have the same sense of humor and we can really comunicate in a wonderful way. For me, who is used to having major anxiety when it comes to dealing with people, and constantly worrying about what I'm saying, if it sounds right, if I'm doing the right things ... It's just a fantastic feeling to now meet lots of people, where that's not an issue!! I can be "me", relaxed and just say what comes to mind, without having to think twice about it - and it works! ;)

We had a lovely night, eating tons of Tacos - at least it felt that way - and more or less constant laughing! *LOL* I really really hope we can get together very soon again!

They left around midnight, but I was sooo hyper and riding on an adrenaline wave, so I didn't fall alseep until about 2 a.m.
I woke up around 5, with stomach cramps, so I was up taking some pain killers - went back to bed and slept to 10.30!!!!!!!!!!! *yikes*!!!! That never happens to me! :)
When I got up, feeling almost drugged, I realized that last night we spent some time getting things in and out of the refrigirator and the freezer, and the last time, we hadn't closed the freezer door properly ... so my floor was REALLY wet, there was ice all over and dripping constanly!
Still, not to fret, as I had been meaning to defrost my freezer for like a year or so ... now I'm finally getting it done! *lol* Most of the morning I've spent wiping my kitchen floor and removing ice. Still, I hope it won't take to long until it's done and I can get the freezer up and running again.

I had intended to go to Lund today, and deal with some problems I'm having with CSN ("The National Board of Student Aid"), but I'm really tired, the freezer isn't working yet, and my stomach cramps aren't that much fun right now, so I'm gonna have to deal with that next week instead.
For now, I'm thinking a nice, relaxing, quiet day today! :) Maybe, just maybe, I can start clearing in my bedroom, or add some auctions to tradera, but I'm definately NOT going to do some major project today! :)

Today's Blog Dedication: To All My Friends Wherever You Are - I am SO lucky to have you guys, thank you!

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