Friday, 8 August 2008

Looking To The Future!

I also thought I'd include an entry focusing on what the next semester will be for me.
First and foremost, I will take a full-time course in New Testament Greek - very exciting!! While I'm still more of an "Old Testament-Girl", and Hebrew will always be special to me, I think I will very much enjoy taking this course as well.
There is something very exciting about learning to read a text your fairly familiar with in translation, in its original language. I've been studying Hebrew pretty intensly, especially last semester, and I can't say I've radically changed my opinion about the Swedish translation, but there's another depth, and another understanding of the texts, that comes with reading it in it's original language!
Naturally, since we're dealing with ancient languages (espcially concerning the Old Testament) you can't be absolutely certain of it's specific meaning in the times it was written, but it still makes your own understanding much broader!
Up until now I haven't been that interested in the New Testament ... well, that is the truth with moderation, but let me get back to that later ... but I'm hoping this semester will create an interest for the New Testament as well!

Fact of the matter is, I first studied the Bible back in 1998 (wow, that's actually 10 whole years ago - hard to believe!!!!), and then I was more interested in the New Testament. I continued with History Studies, I moved to a new city and had hardly began my studies before I ended up on sick-leave - but just before temporarily ending my studies, I had taken a Bible course, and actually found the Old Testament more interesting than the New Testament!
And that stuck!
Even after sick leave I have had a great fascination of the Old Testament, of the God described there, how many faces he shows ...
But I still hope to gain an interest for the New Testament as well - and what better way than to study New Testament Greek??!! :)

Also, I will have to write an esay (7,5 ECTS-points - that equals 5 weeks studies) in the Old Testament, to catch up on my credits, where I early on fell behind. The only problem is: I have NO IDEA what I want to write my essay about!!! I have a genuine interest in the Old Testament, but I'm interested in everything!! I don't have a particular area I want to focus on, which makes choosing a subject for an essay very difficult! I will definately have to spend some time trying to figure out that, before the semester officially starts!

Well, this was a general briefing of what the future holds for me, so you know what I'll be doing this upcoming semester! ;)

Take care! ;)

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